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  1. Yeah just keep praising them. The benefits outweigh the negatives for sure. But I haven't seen anyone progress as well as Felix did.
  2. Back to the Work Rate praise, Felix just hit 19.8 from 12.2. Awesomes.
  3. I wasn't kidding! Felix has gone from 12.0 in July 18 to 17.6!!! in August 20 Tell your dudes they trained well!
  4. Semi Related, telling your guys you noticed they trained well, then after a few of those 'noticing you trained well over the last few months' will give them +1 work rate. It's awesome.
  5. I am so completely over playing this. I absolutely cannot get my teams firing on all 4 cylinders at all. I've tried cookie cutter downloaded tactics, tried my own, tried so many different styles around the same sort of shapes, usually with wingers because Wolves have several good ones. I've restarted and played half a season so many times it's not even funny. 180hours logged - if you said maybe 50% is afk hours - which is generous - I still absolutely SUCK at getting my team working right. It's criminal. And then I reload and try again. And fail. Again. I have a lot of time playing F
  6. You're not wrong. Honestly the roles and such have changed so much so many times I think I've really lost track of what I wanted. I think I could change that Carrilero to a CM(S), leave the MEZ(S) and leave the DLP(D) or (S) back there. I do worry that a DLF won't work great for Belotti as he has no Vision but everything else is a solid attribute. I would like for him to be banging in goals honestly, I always feel my striker is actually not striking, but - at least in the past - my Inside Forwards usually the star man.
  7. Formation linked. I've tried multiple games as Wolves here, with various 4-1-4-1 setups, this is the most recent, and I just can't get it into my head how to balance this out. For some reason my guys get eviscerated when it comes to defending, but they create a good amount of chances. But oh lord the finishing. So I guess the request here is might someone point me in the direction of getting my front three firing, my midfield functioning and my defense at least awake? I'm not even new to the series, I've had every edition since 2009 and played far too many hours and yet! I am at
  8. He's really inconsistent for me but I haven't used him beyond the first season yet.
  9. Having such a hard time with Wolves for some reason - first save in the Beta I finished 4th which was excellent, but I started a fresh one... or three... and just cannot get them firing right. Trying with a 4-1-4-1 Wide which is my go to shape most saves. Struggling to get the striker firing, and struggling to stop goals, and I'd show my tactic except I have tried quite a few and now it's just tormenting my brain as I'm, I expect, mixing strategies. More of a rant than a question, sorry.
  10. The star rating is relative to your squad though
  11. Codemasters released F1 2017 with a bug that means your career teammate doesn't upgrade at the same rate when you upgrade. Along with multiple multiplayer game breaking bugs. They said 'we can't do anything, we'll fix it for next year' Do not over credit game developers, they seem to get worse and worse every year. EA are gouging everyone on microtransactions, Star Citizen is vapourware, DayZ is still in alpha FOUR YEARS after being in early access on steam. The gaming industry is fundamentally broken, because developers cash in on early releases because gamers l
  12. Well you see nothing from them, I've never seen something actually change. Even a comment 'Oenone was spurring us on from the touchline!' Would show once in a while if it made a difference. I've never felt it's made an impact. Half time talks though, definitely, coming back from 3-0 down against West Ham as Wolves in first season to win 5-3 and go on to progress through Carabao Cup and beat Arsenal. That was a great performance.
  13. You have to ask the board for it. I've never had one succeed but you should because that is some success
  14. I've never been able to satiate that promise so I just never give it.
  15. I found telling them no helps a lot. Once you say yes to one they all start asking. Which is difficult if you have no payroll left. So tell them no, if they like you, they back off.
  16. The next major update is probably after January. Start a long save.
  17. Really? I got him for Napoli for 80m and they said I'd over paid. Guessing they just don't want to sell to you.
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