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  1. Last two years it has been the first week of March. So either the end of next week or the week after. Matt.
  2. Tried that. I think it might be a bug in the editor.
  3. Hi. I am having an issue with a custom Italian League system database that I have created. When I try and verify the settings in advanced editor I am receiving a message telling me that the promoted (Serie B-3 teams promoted) and relegated teams (Serie A 0-Relegated) do not match. Now I have edited it to include the correct 3 relegated and 3 promoted but I still can't solve the problem I am having here as I can't find the source of the problem as logically it would be in the promoted relegated section. Any help would be much Database Italy Official V2 (Mr-Clifton14).fmf
  4. Hi. I recently made a custom Italian League system and decided that I'd implement a B team system to replace the under 20's and run with a B team and under 19 league system but, I am having an issue with the game creating an under 19 system even though i've ticked not to create them. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks.
  5. Is it possible for clubs in cup games to revive cash in individual rounds for live TV games? It doesn't seem to be possible? It seems only possible to use appearance money, and winners and loser cash.
  6. Hi, I am having an issue with Clubs in Serie C where almost all the club's financial value is estimated at £0 in the second season? I was just wondering what the work around is. The only source of income would be through sponsorship, gate receipts, player sales etc which I'd imagine has already been added to the database by S.I. and, individual club TV money for the season which is £200000 that I added via the advanced editor. All of the other leagues A,B and D are fine. It has just been serie C which as been a pain. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Hello I am working on the advanced editor and I am a little confused on the Work Permit Potential ability appeal section. The threshold value is 0-5000 which I find baffling as I would have thought that the value would be 0-200 as that's high ability goes. Is it possibly the reputation of the player?
  8. Brilliant. Thanks. I had been changing the Stadiums in the individual stages.
  9. Good morning. I am not sure if this is a bug or not but, a custom database I'm working on has an issue with Stadiums for cup finals. I wanted to use a specific stadium (Delle Alpi) for all finals, yet it seems that the finals are just being played at the home teams staium. I have worked on the stadium and clicked to make sure it was no longer extinct, added the coordinates etc but still no change. Even when I have change back to the original National stadium/s for the final it just plays at the home teams stadium. I have tried all the options in advanced editor E.G Specific Stadium, National in all the staium options to fix this but, it only seems to work when you revert to basic rules which doesn't work for me. As I've spent days working on this and do not want to lose all the changes. Is there a work around?
  10. Hi. I have another issue. When I get to the second season. Teams in Lega pro 3rd division seem to have a club Value of £0 even though I have provided TV money at the start of the year.
  11. Does anyone have any idea how to remove the transfer rules here? I am using my own custom rules for the transfer window/rules but It's just not working as It's not showing and just reverting till the original and the Transfer window date is for the 3rd of Jan not the first like I set it (yes I removed the day and just had the date when setting transfer window). Any ideas?
  12. When you set the date you will see the day listed besides it. Remove the day of the week and just have the date. Select the (-) option.
  13. Disappointing 0-0 v Barnsley who are 23rd in the league. The biggest issue for me which I've see a few times over the season is players getting through on goal and it being saved when they should have scored. I am thinking about changing my right IF back into a winger position as it's just not creating anything and I don't have a left footed player to occupy the IF right position, my attack is blunt anyway even with the different routes to goal. 25% of shots on target isn't really good enough. Any ideas how I can create more chances for my team? Thanks.
  14. So an excellent performance away at 2nd place Newcastle resulting in a emphatic 4-2 victory. I made a few changes. I moved Lameh back over to the left (as I thought he was right footed) and moved my right full back into the wide midfield role on the right, who then went on to provide two quality assists. Hoping this is the start of a fightback and not a false dawn. Onto my next match at home so will use my 4-2-3-1 formation, but unfortunately I am losing Assombalonga to the ACON!!! very frustrating but 3 points of my 8 point target met so far. Fortunately I have some additions. (Karl Henry,Tomas Dubek) so that will strengthen my team.
  15. Good morning. I will give that a try in my next match with regards to duties. As for OI with fast players I tend to have tackle easy and never close down or mark and just show onto weaker foot as the fast players would just annihilate my defenders. That could possibly be where I am going wrong defensively by standing off?
  16. Good morning. I think the biggest issue I'm having is that once the players get in the final third we tend to struggle. For example my midfielders will try and look for the pas but, will end up either being tackled or taking a long shot, which shouldn't happen because with the roles in the team there should be enough support options? I find even though I have my Right wingback on attack duty I find that he won't get up and overlap so my midfield can have someone to provide a pass to. Also I find when we do have a CCC it either put straight at the GK or it comes off the post. So I believe the biggest issue is the need to score more goals. As regards to my style. I tend to play with an attaching philosophy, depending on the strength of the opposition. Away, again depending on the opposition I'll go with 4-1-4-1 counter attaching.
  17. Hello Friends and fellow Football Managers. I am finding success with my current tactics somewhat challenging. Overall we're not performing massively below bar, with a media prediction of 12th my team currently occupies 15th place in the EFL Championship. However. I am finding it hard to maintain any form of consistency and after 6 games without a win I am up for the sack in 5 games time if I don't collect 6 points!!! So. The challenge is on to stabilize. So I am looking for way to improve this tactic and to also see where I am going wrong. So any help would be brilliant. I found the pairs and combinations, the Art of series very useless in planning my tactics also; The Formation I decided to switch my formation 7 EFL games into the season, as I came to my senses and stopped being stubborn and trying to play my style (tiki-taka) as my team simply doesn't posses the required skill to pull it off. Lots of possession and long shot issue (due to lack of support and better options) So I switched to a 4-2-3-1 wide with an AF leading the line. a Winger on the left, with a AM just behind the AF and an IF on the right hand side, with a support duty playing ahead of a maundering wingback with an attack duty. On the left side behind my Winger (also with an attack duty) my full back is on a support duty. I choose these roles for my dual wide men as I wanted to have a variety of ways of penetrating the opposition so that my attacks wouldn't become one dimension and stale. My two central players in midfield are a CM (D) and a DLP (S) so my defense would have protection. Lastly my two centre backs are simply on a defend duty. Team & Player instructions Here are my team instructions. I was wondering what people's opinion are on changing my Instructions for the final third, as the early, whipped crosses possibly suite a more counter attacking style? than a standard or attacking mentality as most away teams will probably sit deeper if they'e coming to my ground, unless they are the better side? Same as clear ball to flanks. Would that be more counter productive in an attacking or standard mentality side? My Player instructions are. Left Winger is to, get further forward, run wide with ball, dribble more. The IF is to center the ball and that is all the player instructions I have made. Results Here are my results. The redline is where I changed my formation to my current one in use now. Comparison & Depth OI Instructions With my OI instructions, I will mark & close down slow strikers and show them onto their weaker foot. I will close down both wingers and fullbacks and tackle both hard and again show them onto their weak foot. AMS & APs will be closed down, but will not be marked as usually there will be a space in-between the central two in midfield and the the defense. Central AI midfielders will be closed down depending on their passing, scoring, creativity and long shot attributes. Away Formation & Instructions The OI here is the same as the home tactic. The Player instructions are as follows, WMs get forward more, dribbles more and the BBM roams more.
  18. Hi. I am recreating a the Italian league for myself and no matter what I do the transfer window date is always wrong in game , no matter if it set the right dates in the normal editing mode or advanced it just reverts to the window being open betwen 27th July-27th August/ 2nd January-2nd February? any work around? had to start from scratch 3 times at least.
  19. Thanks. I managed to find set FFP in the advanced editor in adding new leagues to current divisions.
  20. Hi all. I am currently trying to implement FFP, based on the Premier League. I am having problems with understanding what to do. E.G understanding Percentage of income used to calculate and maximum investment to use in calculation. No idea what the % would be or maximum investment or lowest income%-expenditure allowed or wage rise. The period to check. Monthly or yearly? and the wage rise or the income to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated http://postimg.org/image/pdwam2eun/
  21. I would like to see a an option like players have for managers to have a future contract at a certain club, like Pep going to Man City. Also an option for care taker managers.
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