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  1. This system has to be removed or totally revamped. I sold a crap center back that's not played for over 3 years and my right back got upset, I told him I was gonna replace him with a better player. I bought 2 world class center backs and season started now he's upset because I broke my promise. Doesn't show up on training and plays like crap, also half my squad is upset because I broke my promise to this person. Needless to say the season is gone. There's something horrible wrong when you have to save every time this conversation thing is popping because wrong answers and its game over.
  2. I am playing with Everton and I tried to learn Lukaku to beat offside trap after i got advice from several coaches to do so. I tried this in fm14 aswell and completely ruined him, same result this time again, after 4 matches he got 38 offsides and hes ruined again. Whats the point with coaches advices on moves? Not only is useless but game breaking aswell.
  3. Not only that, I started new game because he failed to untrain it and I just couldnt take it anymore. So know the coaches are telling me to train it again every fortnight, and I have to decline it for the next 10 years.
  4. Yes ofc silly me thought they were there to help me
  5. I use him as a advance forward only extra instruction is shoot less often, I have that on all my players otherwise they try to score from 40 yards all day long. Frustrating part is ofc it has worked brilliantly until now. I also had a coach telling me to train Anichebe in fm12 to dribble down the right side, the second he was finish another coach advised me to untrain it, if this thing is so unstable it should be seriously looked into.
  6. Iam using 4-2-3-1 but like I said I won both first seasons, I also won 2 cups and lost 2 finals inc. CL final. And I had no problem with this before. Lukaku was done training offside trap just before 3rd season started and been offside ever since. All I see now in highlights are Lukaku offside Lukaku offside. He had 38 offsides all first season, and 64 after 12 games is an extreme difference.
  7. Sure, you want me to upload my savegame or? He has 64 in 12 now btw
  8. Iam playing with Everton and bought Lukaku after his loan deal was over, I won the league first 2 seasons and Lukaku has been outstanding. Then 1 of my coaches recommended training him to beat the offside trap and the result is game breaking, he runs offside 24/7. He has 59!!!! offsides my first 11 games into the 3rd season, 2nd place is Negredo with 23. Are the coaches advices completely useless?, Did I destroy my striker?
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