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  1. What does it mean when a player has negative or less than 0 Jadedness? Is this supposed to be possible? If so does that mean a player is essentially mentally charged/fired-up/motivated if say at a minus ten or something (with 0 being a base level of being without fatigue, but not amped up)? I ask this not necessarily in relation to FM20 but also prior versions if this is how it has always been intended to work. (With FM 15 I had recalled seeing negative Jadedness when peeking at personality ratings of players, and was curious about this). EDIT: Also, I'm super glad to see a more direct explanation of "jadedness" as so many for years were wondering how this worked and a way to combat it via training. I hopped on an old FM 15 file and see a total transformation to how training works versus then. Kudos to the devs with those improvements over the past several years. I don't think (despite how much I enjoyed FM15) I can go back to using the old system of training now.
  2. I just had a deal cancelled because the UI has where the Cancel Deal/Signing button is right under the "Browse" Button when advancing/simming ahead. Fortunately it was a staff signing for a low reputation scout and I didn't lose big on something. I really think having the button where you can stop auto-sim with over where any other button that causes an action (typically in the inbox) is something that should definitely be changed. Possibly even via a final hotfix/patch for FM 2020. I can't imagine having done a major transfer deal and having blown it all up because I wanted to halt auto-sim to double check something.
  3. What is the reputation of winning a (domestic) competition? Again, these other ones you are so vehemently asserting.... globally and even around the continent, very few pay any mind to when UEFA isn't ongoing. If I rack up wins in Russia, is that comparative to Italy? I personally think that's a bit marginal to assert at best that Zenit beating a team at the bottom of Russian Top flight is equivalent to beating a team in Serie A/Ligue 1. I don't mean to come across as rude, but the discussion is about disparity/competitions, not individual clubs. I've never touched the reputations of individual clubs. I think you're trying to peg the reputation of an entire league to that of a few clubs within it which isn't even close to anything I spoke of. Teams gain reputation (as they should) through success in continental completions, which you emphatically keep going back to (and which by the way I reflect by lowering most league competitions a bit). Reputations of individual clubs exist for a reason. IMO Domestic league's reputations should be looked at based on the reputation of the clubs within along with a real perception of how prestigious winning/succeeding in that competition is. This is to your point about players going to play in Russia and in general. This isn't just about top flight, this is also about downward adjusting the rest of the competitions out there, second, third and fourth tier. We can argue endlessly about how one club does at UEFA for a couple years. That was never what I was talking about. I used examples as a reference, which you're taking issue and emphatically engaging over. I don't think you would argue second flight in Russia is reasonably on par with Ligue 2, Serie B are you? This is not what I was posting about. If anything based on your reasoning I should consider furthering the gaps between 3/4 top leagues and everyone else
  4. Hi, I started a new file with a lesser club which had some unsigned players autofill in the depth chart (A few main squad/U23/etc). I Opted to offer a contract to several of these, and it doesn't let me negotiate them, despite having the staff responsibility to do so under my own control. Worse yet, it's giving random scrubs ridiculous clauses for at Vanarama N/S I would never give out. I would never grant an array of 4-5 different fees as part of a contract to any player at that caliber (50 pound unused sub fees for a tier 7/8 caliber player signed for depth???). The game is just randomizing the contracts with these players, and giving me no capacity to handle it. If I recall correctly, previously it would simply grant a base salary of one year and leave it at that for youth signings and otherwise I would negotiate with these players. These are supposedly for actual pro contracts and the game is willy nilly automatically forcing contracts with a generic "Offer Contract" decision I would never agree to and won't let me negotiate the offer at all? Can anyone cue me in if I'm missing something?
  5. I have in prior years (2016 in particular) done via editor and nerfed (but also in some cases given a slight bump upwards) every single competition that didn't seem to "add up" in terms of their reputation in relation to UEFA. For example Is winning Russia's Premier league REALLY that close to as prestigious as winning Ligue 1 in France? Doubtful. 160 vs 154 when the Eredivisie is only 139? Imo there should be a far more expansive gap between the big five and the rest, and that Championship should fall somewhere in the top 20-25 of all European leagues in reputation aside MAYBE Serie B and Ligue 2, what compeitions ANYWHERE get any attention paid attention to generally speaking outside of Europe, let alone their own countries? I routinely discuss teams in tier 3/4 (League One and League Two) with others in the US on a fairly frequent basis, especially when the FA Cup is ongoing. Random going on about my own thoughts about reputations and the like in the spoiler. Sorry, it's 1AM here and I'm starved of football talk with the boys at the local EFL pubs in my metro area.... Basically English domestic leagues should be bumped up in reputation seemingly across the board at least amongst the EFL ones, maybe even a couple points to VanRam National (which is what I do personally, given there are third tier comps in random countries with higher...) There really aren't many leagues that arent the Top Domestic ones anywhere in the world that get chatter like EFL leagues, nor domestic cup competitions like FA Cup. I've never met a fan of any European club that isn't Top flight outside England aside Serie B and a Ligue 2 club. Some might cheer for a local club (rarely) below top flight, but they all have their home kits for the big clubs they actually pay attention to. I try to base things realistically. I don't think winning domestic leagues in a pacific island nation/territory should be on par with tier 5 in england or remotely near a EFL compeition. Vanuatan top domestic comp is 55, while ones that grant bids into UEFA aren't even at 80, just no.
  6. For whatever reason the game is imposing some random kits that I did not want nor create to be used during road matches. I used the screenshot in question as and example of it should be working correctly. I'm not sure why this is. Everything seems to be set up properly for both my club and others in my home matches (hence the relevancy of it). I was more stating that the kit selection screen is showing everything as normal. The selection screen is actually working properly. Those kits should be their selections shown. I wasn't clear in stating I was NOT referring to the "away" kits being wrong. I guess it came across otherwise. No, those kits are entirely as they should be. I was trying to cite that everything LOOKS like it should be fine via the editor. But when I play road matches I'm usually force to use some weird blend of designs (a lot of times checkered/other odd ones) and 2-3 colors in my road matches, for seemingly no reason. I even entered my club into kit selection section of other teams within the editor to check. It lists my proper away kit, but in game, I get some wacky jersey designs in game.... for no understandable reason. I was curious if anyone knew what the issue could possibly be.
  7. Agreed 100%. It's so obnoxious to have agents insisting on meaningless clauses that mean nothing or will never get utilized if a star player versus the high amount (compared to the fees) no matter how much I'm shelling out each time. (Which is why I constantly get my players to fire the scummy agents, more cash for my lads then, since I'll pay them the same regardless of some dumb agent, lol).
  8. Nerfing the reputation of lower competitions, and the clubs located there thus making winning a lower league competition far less prestigious and therefore that much harder to grab players that otherwise would be with a Tier 5-7 side is one way imo. tl;dr: Nerfing/boosting reputations of competions that actually have real world meaning to give a real disparity between the top competions/nations in the world and others is a really good way to simulate the difficulty, as well as nerfing the reputations of lower ranking clubs. Long. boring version One thing I have done to make the game much harder when making a custom club is to make my club rating so abysmally low that I have to claw and fight with basically regens in Vanram N/S and try and snag somebody to flesh out the team, relying on depth and struggling to get a couple coaches to train well with. Reputation 500 in VanRam N/S is hell difficulty especially if you have it set to being stuck with the club (no firing, but you don't leave). You have to constantly shoot for getting FA Cup/Trophy wins to farm Reputation to where anyone that is worth anything will sign either as a player or staff. Eventually if you keep clawing mid table or better in tier 6, a few FA cup qual round wins, maybe even round 1,, some wins in FA Trophy (also a comp whose rep I nerf to make it even harder.... nobody pays any attention to who played at that match at wembley a week later other than the minnows that were there, the losers trying to forget it even happened that they made it to wembley that time and lost). I can see a similar thing if you nerf the reps of lower league comps to almost nothing and FA Vase/Trophy as well. Slightly bumping up the reputation of competitions for the football league is also a big deal imo. Not many competitions should be weighted as high as they are anyhow, especially outside of EUFA/CONMEBOL, in a previous year's game I spent hours nerfing a lot of competitions and giving slight bumps up to top flight EUFA competions and lessening their Second/third flight ones (or in the case of some, all of them). No club in below tier 7 should have a rep of 1000+ or anywhere close to it for that matter that didn't in the past exist in the football league I can't see why any of them below tier 6 even do.
  9. Hi, I've used the editor in previous versions, and never had this issue before. In 2020, the game seems to force me to use these gaudy awful designs for on the road, for seemingly no reason... for EVERY road match, and it's not even consistent, like one awful design for each team (Image shows it). I even have a full kit design to boot, and my home design is fine when playing, and I even reverse/have changed patterns and color schemes for the road too.... only to be still compelled to use these same Elder scrolls randomizer tier kits (they dont even stick to the same jersey style). I genuinely have no idea as to why this is happening since I'm following the same manner in which I've made a custom team using the Editor in 2014, 15, 16, and 19 (simply kept playing a 2015 file for eons before getting 19). None of which did I have this issue. Any help would be genuinely appreciated, as I simply can't see any reason for this that makes sense and really have no idea what is causing it after about an hour or so of nothing but deleting and redoing kits to no avail.
  10. Edit: How do I change my logo to one I want? The generic blue football logo is something I'd like not to have. Edit (Again): this is when making a custom team using the editor. Not giving enough info I just realized. The Game will seemingly hand me a Generic Round Blue football logo when starting up a game with the club I created via editor. Not sure what I need to do to change it.
  11. I have found simply that High detail of large numbers of leagues will bring the game to a crawl. How many leagues are you using and what is the estimated player database? (like 74,000 for example using every major UEFA league down to third tier and a few other nations like Englang/France/Italy having the full Pyramid running can cause the game to sim slower). What's the speed of the processor (and how many cores?) that and RAM would make a big deal for the game's ability to breeze through it or not, whereas games like GTA V can run on weaker processors but need a nicer GFX card/GPU and a chunk of RAM. Specs for games like FM and other data driven sims that arent graphically intensive are resource hogs in other ways.
  12. Maybe a toggled option? Allowing for more than the standard info and leaving it up to players is always a plus imo. Seems fine to me if they do it that way as a setting.
  13. Given free agents typically can be signed outside a transfer window, I was thinking about how it would be good to either add a second option to the inital lack of a transfer window to fill out lesser team's reserve youth sides in being able to sign "Free Transfers" while still having the option to not have the initial transfer window setting on to keep rosters almost entirely intact with club transfers flying around randomly. The reason for this really kicks in for teams below the top two divisions in a country's football pyramid. Being able to scoop up Free Transfers won't make a significant impact on the game's overall meta, but provide the nice balance of retaining the bulk of pro club's rosters as they were/are during that season until the second transfer window, while still not hamstringing the ability to fill in bottom end depth charts/rosters for reserve/youth sides prior to season start. Having it be an option to check off for No initial transfer window for signed players or the traditional no transfer window would be a nice little feature to toss in, especially given players can be signed on a free typically whenever anyhow, the restriction seems a bit harsh on that end. A simple checkbox at startup, or a straight up change via patch could also be made to exclude "Free transfers" in the no transfer window restriction. As a second idea, I was thinking giving an option to automatically have the player's team be automatically be invited to U18/Reserve leagues each season, regardless of what those conditions would be (or to bring back the old system where those were a thing, if they have been removed?)
  14. I've on multiple occasions gotten approvals for staff increases for my club to increase (especially for my U18 side). However instead it remains at the exact same level, in which case for my U18 side I repeatedly get approval by the owner... and see things like the following. This is my first playthrough on FM20 after finally switching over from an older version. I waited and attempted this on multiple occasions. Each time I get approval, nothign changes and get things like THIS: "I am pleased to confirm in writing the board's agreement to the request you made at our recent board meeting. The number of coaches the Under 18s is allowed to have has increased. This means the total number of Under 18s Coaches is now zero." How is this remotely possible? Is there some bad coding issue that doesn't recognize staff allowed should increase? Not seeking to instigate anything.... just genuinely disappointed and really not enjoying being unable to do any real sort of youth development. Basically the game may as well be unplayable if I can't add any staff to my U18 side and got back to playing an older version of the game.
  15. I mean you could just do a simple edit to remove them from it using the editor if you're looking to do a new file. Its pretty simple considering how few agreements exist within the game. Considering how some territories technically are "part of the EU" (like Neth Antilles and some of France's overseas departments aka territories) and the US lacks ones for its own commonwealth as well its worth doing a touch up anyhow for accuracy in the first place. I had a little fun with it and put the UK in a "Commonwealth" Agreement in the editor (of the Anglosphere nations like UK/Australia/NZ (and their territories like Cook Islands/etc) Canada and a few others to give a nice balance to the game meta losing EU. I also updated the US to no longer treat PR/and its other commonwealth territories as foreign (such as American Samoa, Guam Northern Marianas, and included a few of the Pacific nations like Micronesia/Kiribati and in for fun (albeit likely no impact on the game). Admittedly I'm surprised that almost none of the nations that have agreements with other "nations" in the game to where their populations are citizens are reflected, in particular the status of the US with Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands/Guam/Marianas. I do think Palau being missing is interesting considering the Cook Islands (who aren't even fully autonomous) are present. Either way Brexit will hopefully give SI a reason to have someone spend a couple brief hours to update and fix those things a bit and shouldn't be too much trouble to expect they include them for next year's game for a fully accurate immersion incorporating the tiny boost it might give a country and/or its domestic leagues in the event a wunderkid or even a couple high end potential players gets autogen and pops up in them.
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