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  1. It's been years since I tried this challenge. I don't recall any success previously but back in the old days I managed to get Dag and Red up to the Premier League. They even constructed a statue in my honour. Unfortunately that seemed to go to my head and I was subsequently sacked when I tried to force my star striker to stay at the club and completely lost the dressing room. Who knew football management wasn't a dictatorship? Anyway I picked up FM18 on steam after a few years absence from the game so I reckon I'll start this up on Thursday. Already done the holiday bit so ready for the save and reload fest. I'm a bit confused by the opening post, is it possible to get St Ives or St Neots? I haven't seen any reports about the them but they're two of my local teams so would be cool. Failing that I work near Dulwich and their crest is epic so I will try for them. I predict a sacking within 6 months following 10 straight league defeats and a string of suspicious insurance fires in the stadium.
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