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  1. Someone really should set up a Tinder-style app to match hooligans from different countries who want a date. You could marry it with an airbnb style hosting approach where locals could offer their back yards as a venue. Stick a little disclaimer in stating that they pay for any medical expenses and that the police will be told to arrive after an hour or so to finish it all up. Could even set it up as a parallel tournament - last country standing gets a trophy. Might build it in time for Russia 2018...
  2. Would have been worth an Anschluss just to get Alaba into this side. Howedes
  3. Joel Campbell is on Arsenal's books, albeit on loan at Olimpiacos.
  4. Recruiting your grey players can be really useful in the early days of this. Quite often you can promote 4 or 5 who are better than what you have. At least, I did for Lincoln (GIB)!
  5. tempted to start again myself. Would make using Lincoln(GIB) even harder!
  6. save is here: http://www.4shared.com/file/IzLaUZQ8/World_Holiday.html Taking Boca as an example of an Argentine club, I can see some big ticket items in their finances. 10m travel expenses. 5.5m on "non-footballing costs" 3m ground maintenance 3.5m tax (and they made a loss...) If we can understand the non-footballing costs and tax, I think we'll get somewhere. Oh, and 0 prize money, which may be because they finished bottom of WD10 last season? Or is it deliberate? Looks like only the top 3 teams in a division win prize money? I think their performance problem is definitely down to money. Having to sell players to stay afloat and not able to replace them adequately. Inter and Quality may have "always amateur club" flag set. Pole I don't know about. Maybe a militant chairman who refuses to buy from abroad, maybe something in the editor. I'll see if I can fire up the editor myself and suggest anything.
  7. OK, finances: - only 50 clubs insecure, none in admin, 48 are rich - a lot of them seem to be lower English clubs though (Sheff Utd, Ipswich, Hull, Fulham, Derby). Argentine clubs are screwed. i have yet to find one that hasn't been relegated AT LEAST 6 times and none is better than insecure. Inter Godfather's and Quality Distributor refuse to shift from Amateur clubs. Pole Espoirs have gone pro, but refuse to recruit anyone. Otherwise the development stream looks ok, competitive, and with good movement in and out. Got to go do some stuff now, so shout if you want the file or have questions or whatever...
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