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  1. I am struggling with the subtle shades of green. They all look the same to me. Can anyone help with a better colour scheme?
  2. You can't import/ load Fm15 shortlists on to FM16. I am absolutely gutted! I had hundreds of players on that list and I have been importing the file successfully for years. Really not happy...
  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored 20 goals in 17 appearances this season so far. looking at his FM15 stats I would say he needs that increase stat wise! Hakan Çalhanoğlu has officially scored more free kicks in two years than Europe's finest have in three! yes that includes pirlo, Ronaldo, messi, etc. Robert Lewandowski. did you not see his 5 goals??? this man looks like he will score every time he gets the ball! 30 goals in 40 appearances for Bayern. enough said. coman is the next big thing in French football and I would say his stats in FM15 do not reflect this.
  4. I have fallen out numerous times with 'researchers' over stats that I feel should be increase/decreased and what I often find is that the so called 'researcher' usually becomes very defensive and protective of their opinions and becomes rather obstinate. like you have said, people have different opinions regarding attributes and practically all of the unpaid team researchers are just fans such as myself with little or no expertise in judging skill. to find 'proof' for a suggestive stat increase is virtually impossible to highlight unless I work for prozone, etc. maybe this thread is a safe
  5. players who need stat hikes from FM15- 1. Jamie vardy 2. kingsley coman 3. Anthony martial 4. Sadio mane 5. Virgil van dijk 6. Odion Ighalo 7. Robert Lewandowski (already great but his finishing & composure should be nearer 20) 8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 9. Hakan Çalhanoğlu (again already good but his free kick taking and long shots should be 20) 10. Riyad Mahrez
  6. FM16, it hasn't provided me with anything realistic wise, only additions on a fantasy level. how about adding superhero characters with powers like, "total kick" and "massive save"... or teams like 'Superhero Team' with graphics we can control with mini capes? maybe even hobbits with and elves...ffs. I want a decent football management game, not a pile of rubbish crap!
  7. I tell you what, this game is so unrealistic!!! I have just played as Liverpool and had 60% of the possession with 47 shots on goal to their 5!!! and it was 1-1! ******* game!!! Signed Brendan Rodgers... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34265500
  8. Anyone know if they will slide over to the new game? I hope so or that's all my files up the creek! ha ha:eek:
  9. You can do all of that in the editor now so I fail to see why this is a 'new' feature...
  10. Add a team, add yourself to a team, pick a team of fantasy players, etc. Am I missing something but can't all this be done using the editor anyway? As for editable manager graphic, hmmm. No can't say I'm overly impressed either so far...but hey early days...
  11. with the signings of gokhan inler, xherdan shaqiri, andre ayew, salomon rondon, etc, it is obvious that the new TV cash is making it easier for mid-level premiership teams to sign stars. I sincerely hope this is reflected in FM16!
  12. tbf I don't know what the programming stuff would entail, but out of the 2 examples I've shown you, I know which I prefer.
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