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  1. I'm wondering which attributes and perhaps PPMs or even roles make players the best dribblers? The reason I ask is that I have always felt Verratti is a player who's dribbling stat at 16 is somewhat underrated relative to other players (this isn't a complaint about player ratings though). Below is a comparison of how many take-ons a player attempts per 90 minutes and the percentage of those that are successful. I've selected Mahrez and Costa as I believe they're currently leading the way in successful dribbles in Europe's top five leagues and then a couple of similar midfield ball players to provide some context. What interests me about Verratti is that although he's not the most prolific of dribblers, he's remarkably successful with the dribbles he does attempt. This makes him very efficient at either playing his way out of problems from deep or at carrying the ball through the middle. I've never really been able to replicate his style of play in game and I'd be happy to apply a few tweaks to him in the database if I could understand which of the technical, mental, physical attributes and PPMs might best replicate his skill set. So, what should I be looking for and how do they influence a player's inclination and success with taking on a man? Thanks for your expertise!
  2. As is always the case with FM, there's a number of solutions you could apply. Firstly, I would look at who was making those passes into the striker and how far the ball is travelling. If your passes are going straight from centre back to striker you can adjust individual player instructions on the centre backs to reduce their passing to shorter. This should feed play more slowly through your midfield line and allow wingers and fullbacks to advance with/ahead of the ball. If the source of the pass is less obviously from a single man that you can correct with individual player instructions you may want to adjust your overall team instruction pass directness down a notch and see how that plays. Adjusting one of your wide men to an attacking mentality should help them get forward earlier at the expense of some defensive work (an inevitable trade off in creating good goal scoring chances.) When I build a tactic I tend to limit my players' creative freedom through team instructions (be more disciplined) and then offer more creative freedom to the few key creative men in my side through their roles and player instructions. This tends to ensure we maintain sensible possession and those most able to create chances with more ambitious passes will do so. The trade-off with this approach is the risk that if your key men have poor games or get individually marked making you struggle to create the quality of chances you require, at which point it becomes necessary to make changes mid-match to replace under performers or increase the freedom to your team to give the opposition more to think about at once.
  3. With regard your attacking difficulties, finding your striker isolated and getting crowded out either means your players aren't trying to get forward to join the attack or perhaps that you're playing too direct, meaning players simply can't run up the field to offer assistance fast enough. Countering wing play by the opposition is difficult on fm. Setting your WM and W to close down more and tighter mark may help them drop deeper and stop an opponent's attacking full back from double team your own. Alternatively you could concede the wings and play narrow if you felt your CBs strong enough to deal with the incoming crosses. You can also look to exploit sides who play aggressively on the wings by instructing your team to clear balls to flanks, therefore playing into the space that the opposition vacates either side of their CBs. In terms of your actual tactic I have a couple of points you may want to consider. A BWM is an aggressive role that will lead to the player vacating their position to chase down opponents in position. Paired with a BBM that pushes on you may find holes open up in the midfield. A fluid mentality may help other players fill vacant positions to guard against this. You may also want to look at an attacking role on one of your wide men to make sure they're getting forward to support the play early enough. Whatever changes you try, give your team long enough to become fluid with the new tactic. Things that will work well can appear disjointed at first until players know the tactic. Secondly, keep in mind it's all about risk and reward. You can't possibly shut down the opposition entirely and still remain dangerous on the attack. Sometimes you will need to risk a little more space opening up at the back to give you a chance of breaking down the opposition.
  4. I too agree that you're slightly too defensive in player roles. Changing your DLP to support or even AP(s) would go a long way to make sure your primary creator gets further up the field. PIs of tight marking and closing down more can help ensure they do the defensive side, but may tire them faster obviously. You may want to set non-strikers to shoot less if they're squandering possession with speculative efforts or simply don't have the stats to suggest that they can score. I'd also look at the PPMs of your strikers. Shoots with power has been a problem for me as it decreases the accuracy of shots. Places shots is much better for being clinical with clear cut chances from capable finishers.
  5. I'm doing a 4-4-2 with Atletico Madrid so this is interesting to me. I think people need to be careful with their interpretation of mentalities in FM. Often defensive and counter shapes lead to much better possession figures because fewer players push up and are left more open for passes. I can't see you mention exactly how you want to play besides mentioning press high and catch the opposition on the break. If this is the case I may question slightly the shorter passing. You may want to look towards mixed or more direct, perhaps with pass into space, if you're looking for quick, direct counters. If you could add a little more about how you want the side to play then I'll help you some more if I can. Perhaps the tactic I have arrived at with Atletico could then be of interest to you.
  6. I initially started with a flat midfield 4 and later dropped the BWM back to DM because opposition AMs and DLFs were having a field day in the gap. At this point I had tried using a slightly deeper defensive line as well hoping it would draw the whole defensive structure back but instead it just opened up the space. Mandzukic exploited that space excellently in an annoying loss against Juventus pre-season. I like the BWM there apart from his tendency to drop back into DL if Luis is caught up field. I'd rather he hold his central position and leave the space on the wing, or for Koke to cover there. I don't think I can do anything to change that without sacrificing the Very Fluid mentality that is otherwise working well for me. I haven't noticed any issues between the AP and WP. The AP typically dictates play from a little deeper and will have the most passes in the side whilst the WP advances further forward and collects the ball in a more advanced position. Koke playing WP will regularly clear 10 key passes in a game and is easily our most creative presence, though it's Griezmann leading the way with assists. I really want to find a way to unlock Griezmann's scoring potential. I think I'm going to have to try and remove the shoots from distance PPM and then train him to get into opposition area or to attempt to beat the offside trap to push him up. I'm currently trying my striker as a Poacher and this seems to increase our conversation rate quite considerably at a small expense of his defensive work, though not as significantly as I expected. On the topic of strikers, Martinez has proved himself to be a truly dreadful finisher so far. He came into the side when Vietto was injured and squandered chance after chance. Vietto has since returned to already take top goalscorer in the side.
  7. I think the point is that there are 3 players without an assigned role here, leaving the box completely empty, but I may be mistaken.
  8. So after quite a lot of experimentation and tweaking, here is the tactic that I'm currently using: I've already been ravaged by injuries in the first couple of games this season so the side is slightly rotated. The long term plan will be for Kranevitter to fill the BWM spot whilst Saul/Carrasco rotate at MR depending on the strength of opposition and Oliver will be cover for Koke on the left. Our first big test came in the third game of the season where we played Barcelona at home. Unfortunately Gimenez was injured on international duty so I brought Savic in for his first game. He got himself sent off after 23 minutes for a needless violent tackle on the half way line so I had to sacrifice Martinez to replace him. Up to this point we had been looking very threatening, however Barcelona went on to edge a 1-0 lead with a Messi header that I felt Oblak should have got a stronger hand on. Still, considering we were playing Barcelona with 10 men for the majority of the game I think the defensive merits of the tactic stand up. I'm not yet convinced about the striker role. I want quick breaks that provide runs in behind when we're in possession and I want solid defensive work rate out of possession. The defensive forward and false 9 don't seem to get on the shoulder of the last defender enough even with my preferred striker Vietto's PPM to beat the offside trap so I think it will have to remain either an AF or CF role. The PIs i've used largely look to balance out the very fluid and high pressing instructions. I've looked to control some of the passing freedom so that those who can't fire long balls don't try and I've asked CBs to close down less because they were sacrificing their shape too much rather than becoming a compact unit that simply crowds out the space. I'm pretty pleased with how this plays. If anything I'm slightly surprised that I'm getting possession figures hovering around 50%. I actually had more possession than Barca at 52-48 despite the 10 men, however playing a less aggressive press to concede more possession didn't really work for me in my earlier tests. I think I have to accept the limitations of the tactics to recreate the exact roles used by Simeone. There's only so much tweaking that can be done and some of Saul's movement seems impossible to replicate. So too does the exceptionally deep pressing of the forwards only to quickly on the shoulder of the defenders. Man marking can be used to drop forwards back against the opposition midfield, though this leads to lots of shots from distance because we're simply not advancing quickly enough to break beyond their defence. I'm just messing around really until the winter update is released when I will start a proper save up with the latest squads but any discussion is welcome!
  9. It was Saul's role that interested me most in the Madrid derby. Playing primarily as a wide midfielder on the right, and on a couple of occasions swapping with Koke on the left, he seemed to cover absolutely every blade of grass. He tracked back exceptionally deep either helping Juanfran double up on Ronaldo or trying to neutralise the threat of Danilo's attacking forays when play was coming down his side. With attacks coming down the opposite flank he tucked in narrow as Atletico so often do and dropped all the way back into his own box when a cross looked as though it would come in. As Atletico full backs or Koke attacked wide and whipped crosses in he ventured forwards early and looked to supplement the strikers in the box, presumably hoping to take advantage of his aerial ability. How best can you replicate both his attacking and defensive contributions in game? It appears to me that the Box-to-Box midfielder would seem the most similar role, only that isn't available in the MR/ML position. Can player instructions, and perhaps PPMs if required, be used to make a Wide Midfielder/Winger/Defensive Winger play in the same way? Getting the tracking back from that position shouldn't be too difficult but getting him to be in the box early as a target for crosses might be a bit harder. Ideally I want to avoid giving him the PPM 'Gets Into Opposition Area' because of how it would hinder him covering other more defensive positions on the pitch when rotation is needed. I suppose the other option would be to play with midfield four that includes ML-CM-CM-CM, making the right-most CM the B2B role I mentioned earlier. Once the new update is released I'm going to be starting an Atletico save and I'll be looking at getting the most out of that wide right position but for now it would be interesting to get your opinions!
  10. I read this article earlier today that showed two people outside the area so that's definitely possible. I'm not sure you can have multiple players assigned to near and far posts, though.
  11. Both Kramer and Weigl look to have very solid stats this time around. My scouting report has Kramer down as a very consistent performer that relishes big matches and I always feel that's essential in the DM type role.
  12. I think part of the answer probably lies in the most common assist type being through ball and the most common assist area being left wing. Playing a slightly higher defensive line with Mertesacker in defence and Bellerin beside him, where he's likely pushed further up the field due to his attacking mentality, is a recipe for pace to exploit the gap in behind your defence. Additionally, having attacking roles on both the left and right flanks probably leads your wings to be easily exposed. Try dropping your defensive line back to normal and your AML to a support mentality. I also wonder if the higher defensive line and less closing down is a slight contradiction in instructions. Normally a higher defensive line is used to press the opponent and give them less time on the ball, whilst less closing down would be used to maintain defensive shape at the expense of trying to win the ball back more aggressively or proactively.
  13. Thanks for such a complete view of your tactic. I've started with what's essentially a 4-1-2-2-1 with the conventional AMR tucked in a space to an attacking centre-mid just off centre to the right and playing as a shadow striker. I hoped that sort of asymmetry would unsettle defences - and I'm still sure it could having given it a few trials - but I don't have the patience with the game now to watch all the full matches to make the minor tweaks necessary to get such an awkward shape to really tear teams apart. Have you had much of a play around with your AMC role? I used to be a huge advocate of the AMC(a) in past FMs for the sheer number of goals they would score but they don't seem to do so this time around.
  14. What are the roles you have set your side up with on the 41212? I think this is going to be the way I bring the interest back to my Arsenal save.
  15. January transfer window has hit and Giroud has left for £17.5m to Roma. He just wasn't being used. There's something about this save though that really hasn't retained my interest. I don't know whether to start again and try something else or to persevere with the season and shake things up come the 15/16 season.
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