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  1. I’m playing FM19 on Switch and for the life of me I can’t seem to see a job history for managers. I can see their playing stats and I can see the records page (total clubs managed, number of wins etc) but I can’t see info on which clubs Manager X or Y have been in charge of. Any ideas? X
  2. Been playing FM for most of my life, looks like I'll be staying with 18 or I'm finished playing now that Linux support has been dropped. Really disappointed.
  3. I did do a search first but the latest posts it found were a couple of years old so I figured I'd ask in case I'm doing anything wrong/anything has changed. I was under the impression that the real team name fix applied to saves now, so I applied the fix and I think I'm all good... except Brazil! Do you still need to start a new save for it to work on Brazilian teams or is there a way to do it that I've missed/done wrong?
  4. Always enjoy managing in Holland, I had a good save with Fortuna this year and I'm currently with Ajax in a new save too. Would definitely be interested to see how the other big leagues have changed in that time. Good luck!
  5. On the topic of Dutch football, just won the CL in my second season with Ajax. Really pleased, totally unexpected early success, because it's the Eredivise and because it's FM all my players still want to leave. So out of anger I applied to the vacant Bayern job but now that I've been offered it I don't know... I'm torn between the continuous recycle of players and the challenge of building another winning side.
  6. Just won the CL in my second season at Ajax. Has not helped with players like van de Beek, Veltman, Neres, Nissen and Ziyech all demanding to leave the club. De Ligt (warming the bench at Barca) and Dolberg (actually playing, but not well, at Bayern) already long gone. Looks like delaying the inevitable worked about as well as it could but keeping these players is nigh on impossible.
  7. This might be my favourite career threads of FM18 so far (and there have been some great ones on here), amazing work.
  8. That's great, thanks. On paper he looks great but he's outplayed by every one else I have all the time
  9. Has anyone been able to get anything above average out of Černý? I'm struggling to get anything out of him either out wide or through the middle and I'm thinking about letting him go.
  10. I think I'll stay, second in the league currently (Jong PSV are ahead of us so we're currently in an automatic promotion spot) and it's love to stay in Holland.
  11. So I've reached a crossroads in my current save. I'm with Fortuna Sittard at the moment, 2nd in the league approaching Xmas 2018, first year I made the promotion playoff but got battered by Heracles. Second year is going alright so far despite losing a couple of key players who desperately wanted to play at a higher level. However, as we went through a poor spell and my chairman kept all of our transfer revenue I applied for the Sheffield Wednesday job. They're currently rock bottom of the championship and have offered me the job. Unsure of what to do, I asked the wife, who thinks I'm taking it too seriously. I think I should make the move but then I have grown a little bit attached to Fortuna.
  12. Following this prompted me to sign Ro-shaun Williams on loan on my Fortuna Sittard save, he's looking good for me so far!
  13. That's great, cheers dude.
  14. That's great advice cheers, with the 5 games thing it was 5 games into season 2, I'd gotten promoted the first season but the difference in quality between the Ukrainian First Division and the Premier Division is pretty big! I've also loaded the same preseason save with teams and ran a different tactic for a few weeks and into the first 3 or 4 games of the season with no real difference to results. That's where my frustration is coming from. Just a quick one if you don't mind answering, are you switching to a flat out defensive tactic as one of your two? The only thing I haven't done is tried a more negative, park the bus, style.
  15. Yeah, maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and do that, tried my own tactics and tried about 6 from the forums so far, don't get me wrong I'm up for the challenge but it really feels like the results are the results regardless of what team you put out or tactics you use.
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