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  1. Hey. You are correct, it does take it from the Corner setting. Thank You for that :)t. The corner setting I use tends to get around 5 goals a season from it, whilst when the game uses the corner setting for throw results in around 15 plus goals per season from it. I remember the user Christian Eriksen use to have a excellent corner routine, not sure if it has been patched. Now I must simply find a routine which scores from corners [for than 5] whilst also utilising the ability to score lots from throws via the long bullet throw.
  2. Honestly wasn't aware if it mattered or not, i just assumed it did. I've tried it with a couple of corner settings and those so far has yielded the same results. But you make a good point, I shall completely change the corner setting and see what happens. Thank You.
  3. Hey sorry about that, the throw 'aim at' instructions are mixed. Cheers.
  4. How many goals have you scored from it? In my experience you usually score around 15-20 goals per season with it. How does it work? Simply put usually the guy who is thrown the ball in the box generally either goes round his marker and shoots or simply turns and passes to the striker or midfielder who then has a clear shot at goal this usually is counted as a clear cut chance by the in game stats. Why is it effective? Honestly not sure, it has worked on every patch since the beta. what its designed to do? Simply a way of improving goals from set pieces. Hopefully people can benefit from it and improve their fm experience. Regards
  5. Just wondering if for future versions, maybe you could be informed when a player your trying to sign is in contract negotiations with his current club. [if this already there I apologies dosent seem to come up on any options I can see].
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