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  1. After installation open Cheat Engine. (Make sure Football Manager is open) 1) Click the computer with the magnifying glass (With the green blinking border) 2) Find FM.exe in the list and double click it 3) On the right side of the screen check the 'Enable Speedhack' 4) Change the speed from 1.0(Normal) to 5.0 or higher but use at your own risk because it might freeze your game.
  2. I've noticed increase in how quick I can go through menu's and news but indeed clicking buttons with dropdown menu's require you to hold it for a bit. It is pretty safe until you set it way too high, have noticed it freezing when I set it to 500.0+ xD but I generally save a lot so I don't lose all that much when it happens.
  3. I have tried the Speedhack... It's unbelievable how much it decreases loading speed while processing..... It's as if you're playing FMC(Football Manager Classic). You guys should try it at 5.0-10.0
  4. http://wiki.cheatengine.org/index.php?title=Cheat_Engine:Internals#Speedhack Some more information on the speedhack function. I don't think there is any reason to be afraid your save becomes corrupt since it's not changing game-related variables, it just speeds up the process of getting information from A -> B. The only worry would be crashing or freezing if set too high on slow computers.
  5. Haunted: Although I agree. But this could be neat for people wanting to make saves in the year 2020 or higher IF it works.
  6. I'm not even sure if it works but know the feature exists in Cheat Engine. From what I've read you click the computer button on the top left, click FM.exe in the screen that pops up and click 'Enable Speedhack' on the right side.
  7. I was thinking of using while cruising through days but since it's a 3rd party tool which most likely 'hooks' itself into the game it might be recognized as a 'cheat' even though my intentions are not cheating.
  8. Hello guys, I've read some people using the Cheat Engine's speedhack to improve match speed by 10 or even 50x and some people noticed increase in speed after pressing 'Continue'. What I'm wondering is will using this tool get you banned on Steam?
  9. I don't see anybody asking but is your team actually trained into the position? How do you manage your (pre-match)-training?
  10. Your assistant will give you tips in-game for example he'd say that your team would benefit from using long balls and thus you change the setting to use long balls. Perfecting shouts really takes time because you really need to know your team's weaknesses and strengths to actually work something out.
  11. A good Director of Football should have high numbers in the following stats: - Judging Player Ability – Judging Player Potential - Motivating - Determination If I were you I'd go for one with high determination (17-20) so that he doesn't give up that quickly on players.
  12. What was your manager's previous experience and what have you achieved in your time being a manager? If you had the setting on automatic you most likely were a 'Amateur' before becoming a manager and especially players on bigger teams will take some time getting used to you and 'liking' your team talks and whatsoever.
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