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  1. Ok, I was wondering if there was somewhere that would explain what all of the player editing numbers meant for first time users like me?
  2. A) how is the premise flawed, exactly? I'd be genuinely interested in hearing how... B) this "break at a late stage" has happened for the past 3 years running. Which would leave one to conclude that SI are either really unlucky... or,...
  3. With all due respect, I hear where xNAMOz is coming from... The "It's in beta" rationale has a little under 24 hours left... what's it going to be then? Either, the beta process needs to begin MUCH earlier, or, SI need to hire more in-house testers... because, frankly, waiting for 4-6 months after release for the niggling BS to finally get worked out, isn't cutting it anymore.
  4. ROFLMAO(ATC) I just had Everton comeback from 2 goals down against me with 15 minutes left. I'd taken a two goal lead early, and then lost my LB to a red card for a 2 footed scissor-kick lunge, even though my team's set to stay on feet... so, I countered for the rest, and was doing well, until the game decided Everton were going to come back! The 2 goals were as follows: 1rst) a long pass to the opposition's lone fwd, saw my CB run away, giving the CF a one on one, where my GK ran away from the net, toward the sideline, before the opp. CF was even within 15 yards of him... allowing a simple open net tap in. 2nd) My GK caught the ball, threw it to one of my CBs, who then, under no pressure, passed it pack to my Gk, who then, under no pressure, laid it off nicely to the opp. CF, with a crisp 5 yard pass, so they could again finish with a nice empty net tap in. The ticker read: "Everton have clawed back from 2 down!"... um, yeah... sure...
  5. I'm currently running 5 United saves (testing different formations) and I've been sacked in 2 of those! I'm probably about to get sacked in a 3rd, too! Why, do you ask? Because, although I dominate every game, and get 10+ shots on target... my strikers couldn't score to save there lives! One on ones? Nope. Long shots? nope. Point blank headers into empty nets? Nope. My top scorer is Vidic, then Evans, and then Welbeck. WELBECK!? Welbeck scored back to back hattricks! That should say it all for what I think of the new match engine... I genuinely hate this stage of the FM "process". I really wish we weren't used as beta-testers... and that the "beta" didn't last all the way through half of the games life cycle. Yet, still, here I am... purchasing and playing a game I love (and sometimes hate).
  6. They can't be recalled even during the transfer windows. Even though their contracts state it plain as day.
  7. My feedback thus far: - my players miss far too many one on ones chances - the woodwork gets hit far too often - I only seem to score from corners on a regular basis - there seems to be an issue making short passes: they're 50-50 - my box-to-box midfielder won't box-to-box - I outshoot, out possess, and out defend the opposition... yet still lose or draw far too often - a small team ALWAYS has a defender that has a super-game against me - I'll lose and still have my back 4 receive an average rating of 8.5-9 (?) - sometimes my CBs stop playing - swapping positions is broken - release clauses aren't functioning properly - I can't find where to ask for the position loan availability report - shooting is broken: it's either at the corner flag, or off the woodwork, or straight at the goalkeeper - sometimes my CBs will ignore an errant ball... and my CM will have to chase it down, running by my sleeping defenders, to get the ball - FBs won't cover wingers - my players sometimes stand still on defensive corners... and allow easy goals - I'll set up a loan to be able to recall the player... but not get the option to recall them - I'll buy a player, selecting the loan back option, and not have them be loaned back
  8. ..United's defending in this video. We're the gk. Kaka is exactly that. [video=youtube_share;vyAmeDFODtg]
  9. I'm sure there is a thread for this somewhere... it's just not coming up in my searches. I have a couple very talented Players with Specific Weakness: Important Matches... how would I, or can I, train them away from having this issue?
  10. It's hard not to be negative when it comes to FM 2013... It's just so clearly broken. Now, you, SI, can stifle the truth all you want, ban me, delete this post, or "move it" with the intention of censorship... but it won't change the fact that this game has had, and continues to have, serious game breaking issues. To all the Fanbois queuing up to tell me that it's my tactics: I'm at the end of my 4th season as United, I have 15 major trophies, United is the World's most famous team, and I'm quickly rocketing up the ranks on the World's Best Manager list. I have won the Champion's League every season, and am currently in the CL Finals for a 4th consecutive time... It's not my tactics. Sure, I may have only managed 1 EPL win during those 4 seasons, due to all of my extra draws... but that's because of the game's terrible balancing issues when it comes to playing lower teams. For some reason, whenever I play a bottom 3rd team, I dominate... get 25-30 shots, half of those on target, 70% possession, but the game just serves me up a never ending series of "He missed when it was easier to score", "Even his Manager has his head in his hands", and "that's enough to shake anyone's confidence"... I hit the woodwork multiple times, miss open nets, miss pks... and then defensively my team will commit the most ******** of errors, forget what a football is, my CBs will run away from the opposition Forwards, and my GK will dive 2-3 seconds before the ball is even shot, etc. etc. etc.. The opposition will have 2-3 shots, 1 on target... and score from that one shot about 90% of the time I play the minnows. It is seriously immersion breaking. The sad fact is, I don't fear the Barcas, Reals, Man Cities, and Juventuses of the FM 2013 Universe... I fear Stokes, Fulhams, and FC Doshdbpewmts. ..And the issues aren't contained to playing lower teams. There are the crazy number of injuries that plague me every season. In the 4 campaigns I've had on this save file, I've had 7 injury crises. I lost 4 people in 2 games... and 3 in another... all in my 1rst season. I've been forced to finish the game with 8 outfield players. Then, there are also all of the small bugs that crop up all over the place... I'd list them but this forum doesn't have the space it would take... Tonight, I was forced to replay my 4th consecutive CL Final TWICE because it bugged out at the end and refused to let me continue the game. I won the first... and had the 2nd bug out during selecting the PK takers... Then I lost the 3rd due to my GK diving the aforementioned 2 seconds before the shot, and the opposition ran the ball into the empty net... Luckily, it bugged out too. Who cares by this point, though!? I certainly can't be bothered to play the same fixture, over and over again. SI, I have loved this series ever since I first played it back in '06. There have been niggling issues along the way... but never, ever as bad as 2013. This is the last time I pre-order your game. There'll be no more first day guaranteed purchase, either. When 2014 comes out... I'll wait, read some user reviews.. and decide then. If 2014 isn't a noticeable improvement mechanically, and PR attitude-wise, you've lost my business permanently.
  11. It's kind of hard to remain constructive when I am being reminded, every time I try to play this game, of how insultingly MESSED the ME is. Honestly, it gets worse with every attempted patch... Each patch moving the screwy-up-ed-ness to a new area of the ME. Just now I had a CB pass back to my GK... One opposition ST was nearby... My GK ran to the ball, was a good 10 yards closer to it than the Opp. ST, but he ran OVER the ball and the Opp. ST scored with a tap-in... *facepalm* The fact that there have been improvements to many other areas just makes the matter even worse. This is the Jekyll and Hyde of FMs... and Hyde keeps punching me in the face!
  12. I've set my Assistant to handle all Match Preparation... Yet, in game, he is repeatedly suggesting I set Match Preparation to something specific, such as Defend Setpieces, when, really, he is supposed to be handling it... so why does he keep mentioning it? Is he actually handling it? Or is it a bug?
  13. I've set my Assistant to handle all Match Preparation... Yet, in game, he is repeatedly suggesting I set Match Preparation to something specific, such as Defend Setpieces, when, really, he is supposed to be handling it... so why does he keep mentioning it? Is he actually handling it? Or is it a bug?
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