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  1. when one of my players commits a foul, in the gap between the whistle and the card being shown or warning, I imagine what my player says to the referee and what he says after the card. *whistle goes "what!? I got the ball, what's wrong with you!?" *Yellow Card "yeah , nice one, ...idiot"
  2. when you sign a teenager who turns into a great player, does anyone else have to trawl through the internet to find a photo, so that they can 'imagine' them better when you imagine your team? Am I a massive loser?
  3. Colour me sceptical Notorioufin, but surely you've just renamed another player David Beckham ? I want a screenie of his profile! I especially wish to see his pace/acceleration.
  4. when you select your champions league/uefa cup team. Can you lay out your choices in the same way as when you pick your squad as an international manager. I want to see how many goalkeepers I have, and so on.
  5. name sponsors !! (just fake ones we can change to real ones ourself) when a player says he wants to leave the club, telling the assistant manager to find a replacement. so he'll convene with the scouts and find someone....
  6. I'd like to be able to praise a player on a one off excellent performance, instead of just on a run of form. for instance when a usually average player runs the midfield in a cup game, i want to be able to say 'that performance won us the game today'
  7. They do mention your 300th, 500th and 1000th game in charge. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> they in fact do mention your 100th game in charge too
  8. wouldn't it make more sense that if you buy a player in january, and arrange the transfer for end of season, that they automatically count as being on loan from you at the club you bought them from ? would just look nicer ! also, can players have 'experience' bars, the same way we have knowledge bars? so you can see if a player has a lot of european or english league experience if that makes sense ? there should be more examples of players never adapting to a league as well, as at the moment, any player you buy from any league seems to have a reasonable chance of success. I wanna see someone sign a mateja kezman type player, who was awesome in his own league, but pants in england. I also would like to be able to discuss international obligations with a player, I've played a game where tim cahill was out for four months, he just came back and was called up for australia ! where he promptly picked up an injury I wanna be able to say "don't rush back to play this game as it could affect your future." can the media also speculate on player signings that are completely untrue? at the moment they'll speculate from your shortlist, it'd be cool to get something where a newspaper says you've nearly wrapped up a deal for a player, and your players get upset at the competition, despite the fact it's untrue like in real life !! I'd also like to explain why players are missing matches, say for instance "I'm trying to keep you 100% for the Chelsea game" or "if you're not going to sign a new contract, you're not going to play"
  9. it'd be cool if when a rival shows interest in one of your players, and you get that media message. you could say "I will never sell a player to (rival team) whatever the offer."
  10. you know how ex internationals get to comment on their nations performance in the game ? when you're an ex international you should get to as well
  11. you could make it so that when you 'view' a match in the game, it could be mentioned in the commentary. 'xxxx is in the stands tonight, probably sizing up his rivals arsenal before next tuesdays semi-final' or it could cause specualtion 'xxxx is in the stands tonight, probably to get a first hand look at top transfer target gareth bale'
  12. clubs just naming a price, when they're clearly resigned to losing a player, like curtis davies at wba a physio report on the sidelines when they treat the player, so I know if it's worth keeping them on
  13. I hadn't thought of that, but now i've read it i really want substitute instructions. Captaincy seeming important would be nice as well, wiwth some sort of fan opinion. also the media specualting about you signing players that are not on your shortlist. just plain making it up like real life. total career earnins would be nice !! and players you're not using getting interest from smaller clubs (like wayne bridge and swp at chelsea) clubs accepting =player offers that make sense, like when you offer a defender as part of a transfer deal for their defender. older players asking o leave to return to their home country before they retire, like ajax and edgar davids.
  14. I've heard it mentioned before, but on a player screen where it has 'palns for the future and that kind of thing, it should have 'home grown status' and supporter opinion. The supporter opinion bit should say things like ' despite not playing on a regular basis, the tottenham fans would hate to see Defoe leave' or 'after his 31m transfer, the chelsea fans are still waiting for shevchenko to prove himself' I also want the board to prompt you on where the squad needs strengthening 'freddy sheppard would like to welcome you to newcastle, your transfer budget for this season is 7m, the board and supporters are keeen to see you strengthen the defence that leaked 47 goals last term.'
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