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  1. Bit of a newb to this editting lark, anybody know how to create a league? :o
  2. Playing them at home now will post result. They are currently 2nd on my save though.
  3. Both of their goals came from set pieces where my team appeared to be zonally marking. So I will change that and hopefully keep winning games
  4. Thank you everyone for your help I have taken everything on board, made the necessary changes and I am about to take on Newcastle at St James' Park. I'll see how it goes Thanks again.
  5. Although I am dominating stats-wise I still can't seem to win the games I am using Lewandowski up front but I tend to sub him between 65-75 minutes for Podolski/Walcott if Lewan is not scoring (which he hasn't been) but Podolski/Walcott don't seem to be able to find the net either.
  6. Ok so I tried all of these suggestions on a new save and they were fine over pre-season, then I start the season and my first game is away to Swansea. This is really ruining the game for me.
  7. I have changed all the things not already suggested Thanks. Also would you recommend me changing the wide men from Inside Forward to something else or is that fine?
  8. The other things I've edited as suggest by Braundjoh, but I will edit the marking now and hopefully it will have good effect Thank you very much.
  9. I just got a 0-0 draw against Schalke. It was a much more convincing performance defensively. Next I play Shrewsbury away, normally I have been beating lower league opposition but not too convincingly, I will see how I preform. Thanks again for your help
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