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  1. my love affair has ended with this latest edition, like many of the above i used every spare second to play these games since 1997, honestley spent a nice percentage of my life playin cm and later fm, but i can ony liken this seasons installment which as usual i greatly anticipated, to a console managment game, like somethin i played on a megadrive or playstation in the lat 90's. not havin a dig, an i dont think its really construtive critism, but i read a lot of people sayin similar. i think its got too flash an gimmicky, an unfortunatly as i reach 30 it looks like ill be leavin fm behind. i just think a return to basics is required, iv tried the classic version, its not for me. ill never forget my best save ever though. but really, we dont need half the stuff on there and most of that is the problematic stuff. we need teams, players, staff, ground, figueres etc, thats the main part of it all thats what were buyin into, its not about that anymore, its about hotfix's , patch's etc. i remember the days when on release day i could buy cm go home install it , an play it, an that was that till release day next year. its just become a mess now, and just too much hastle if you wanna have a proper game.
  2. anyone, surely therehas to be a way of doin this
  3. i have looked on line for an answer to this but cant find a definite one. can i watch the games like before, commentary only, but without seein the 2d pitch in the background, like just seen the score/goalscorers/booking etc, is this possible?
  4. anyone? ive tried in the editor, ticking/un-ticking the box's beside where it says resrve league, and u19 league
  5. I am playin in the Spl, and my team has both a reserve squad and an u/19squad. i know in real life there has been no reserve league in scotland, well the spl anyway for at least a year or two. so, i have an reserve squad with players, and an under 19 squad with players, but i only play in a reserve league, no youth league, i didnt have a choice as to play in either league as i did in previous years versions. i have tried to reverse this in the editor, but no joy. any help much appreciated, basically i dont want to take part in the reserve league, but i want to take part in the u/19 league
  6. i have the reserve league but no under 19 league, how do i reverse this ? anyone?
  7. ok so just 1 nation? i thought i had 2, with all leagues, like scotand, spl - d3, england prem - lower conf.
  8. im really likin' this classic mode, but i just wanna play with england and scotland, is there i way i can pic the english leagues, without the lower leagues, like the conference etc?, basically i just wan the scottish leagues, and id be happy even just with the premier league, but is this option only available on full mode?
  9. hi, im new here, i bought fm 13 today, downloaded it through steam,(boxed verion), anyway i cant use the editor, when i click on it, the screen just goes black, untill i reset the laptop. any help?, i have googled this, and seen others with the same problem, but no reply. please help. also i dont think a re install will work coz i seen others posting they had re installed and still had the same problem. thanks for reading.
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