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  1. Stokes at celtic and then sometimes you can click on any player and go set to unwanted and no confirmation appears, then you try it again it crashes. Happened with stokes a few times, then reload sometimes its ok etc, defo a bug going on here, as its always that command of "set player to unwanted" that triggers a crashdump
  2. Same problem im getting david, but with me its players like Stokes at celtic , try put him on unwanted list, crashdump! few others doing it too
  3. Ok its uploaded under Stevie
  4. ok ive uploaded it to ftp under WeeGiE_FM 2014 v14.1.2.438049 (2013.10.31 15.41.43).dmp
  5. Crash dump happening when i try put a player on the unwanted list. any idea whats going on ? had few random crashdumps
  6. Nice to see its still going
  7. yeah ive did that, but when does it post to your face book ? is it auto like twitter ? as im looking for a button so i can share things on facebook!
  8. I cant find this facebook button either..... oops lol
  9. Alot of problems with filefactory im with the guy on the torrent idea.
  10. It is an internal build as we never planned to release it in 1st place, but others got on board not just myself and willz , anyway we aint forcing you to download it.
  11. Thanks James... Here is latest now.. Sunday 1st Aug
  12. ******************** All above added to latest release ********************
  13. exactly lol
  14. Install the file to \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data Then load your game, select new game and the 10.3 update.. tick the box at bottom for changes.. then make sure WEEGIE is ticked. thats it.