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  1. One thing I've noticed across this year's game and last is Spurs selling out Wembley every week when they are actually averaging 59-60k a week?.. I'm 4 seasons in on my game and they are already back at Wembley while expanding the new ground to over 70k. They are again selling 90k a week at Wembley. 60k is a more realistic attendance?
  2. There are a few Liverpool youth teams players that are with the under 18s this season that are not in the game. The clubs official site is often slow to add them. The UEFA site shows the players registered to play for the under 18s in the youth champions league - https://www.uefa.com/uefayouthleague/season=2019/clubs/club=2606417/index.html A few people are talking about Clyne being over rated which I think is harsh, he was challenging Walker as England's first choice RB before injuries. I imagine its based on stats but his crossing of 8 actually feels very harsh for me. Clyne would easily start for many premier league teams when back to full fitness. Moreno also getting a hammering, mainly due to him being pundits go to guy to blame. Stats show that when he plays, going forward he is amongst the best going forward. Probably could switch his 15 tackling with his 13 crossing. Probably tackling 12 and crossing 16 is more realistic. Seems everyone wants these two internationals made championship level players from the other comments! Oxlade-Chamberlain work rate and stamina seems low? he covers a lot of ground and this showed last season before injury?! Harry Wilson free kick taking should be 20 on current form lol Edvard Tagseth is 5'3? he's small but more like 5'5-5'6.. he isn't a dwarf and Dal Varesanovic isn't 6'4. Couldn't tell you the exact heights.
  3. On my database players seem to retire very early. I think players, especially with high reputation and int caps, should be less likely to retire. In real life there is a trend to spend the late 30s in China, America, Japan, Australia etc. This should be reflected in the game. Players like Iniesta, Torres etc all retire quickly in my game as do many others.
  4. When choosing the advanced option to fine tune the size of a database you should be able to select 'hot prospects' from a region/country in the same way you can select current internationals or high reputation players. Often I like lots of young players in the DB to sign as I don't sign regens.
  5. I have thought about this in the past! I wonder if it would be possible as an anniversary style game!? Maybe SI would have to consider how many years they could go back. Example going back 10 years is probably easier than 20. Maybe also only selected players would generate as you played through the seasons. I.e. some years only one player from a clubs youth team actually makes it pro so there might be 1 real player padded with regens so only players that went on to have a top career were added as you played? Possibly for every season the top 50-100 players 16 in that season are created and the rest are regen??
  6. I suggest when creating a manager that you are able to select a number of clubs you played for (if you select that you had a pro career). You could select for example 1-5 clubs and your status at the club ie 'Club Legend', 'One Club Player', 'Cult Hero', 'Fan Favourite', 'Journeyman' etc. Your playing history would then affect job offers you a likely to get. As we know players linked to clubs are more likely to be linked to managing said club. Would also reduce Likelyhood of been offered a job with a rival club. Club legends or Fan Favs would also be given more time from fans. Real life example right now in Zidane. Many of real life examples of managers managing former clubs. This could in future link to players youd have played with that could be likely to join your staff.
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