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  1. Finding players are declining very quickly. Example - Dwight Gale. Okay he's now 32 and in season 1 he didn't play a great deal for Newcastle. However, I picked him up on a free, he's not been injured and he is now rated as a good player for most league 2 sides. I'd imagine if Gale is on a free next summer Championship clubs will be all over him. He's shown he's devastating at that level and 32 doesn't exactly make him the pensioner at that level. I am seeing this a lot with players getting passed a certain age or going a while without games. Real life example, N.Clyne missed A LOT
  2. Craig King - Dartford DoB - 22/10/1997 PoB - Hemel Hempstead Fav Club - Luton (Player) https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/king-would-love-be-lutons-number-one-power-court-1393494 and Everton (Supporter) due to his Dad Fav People - Manuel Neuer (Idol) Height - 6'5 He could also do with a boost to his CA and PA in my opinion. He is one of the best keepers in the national leagues, shown by his call up to the England C Team as I believe the only player outside the national league to make the squad - https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/sport/18273167.oxfor
  3. I am finding regens to be overpowered. At the start of my game I didn't have a 16/17 year old with a 3 star rating (appreciate the stars are subjective and impacted by quality of staff etc rather than being a true reflection of CA) by first batch of youth intakes has 4-5 players that are all better than my current 'real' crop. Either the regens are overpowered or the 'real' youth players are criminally underpowered. Without a 3rd party editor available at this point I can't take a dump of data for comparison but I'd be confident if I looked at the real life 16-17 year olds in year one and
  4. I can see that the Ryan Reynolds and Rob Elhenney take over has been picked up. What I think may slip under the radar is that 1st video they posted. Its a clever move, its basically advertising their main sponsor. What they are saying is 'if you sponsor Wrexham, you'll be endorsed by Ryan and Rob'. I'd expect a sizable increase in their sponsorship income. To put it into perspective Ryan has 16.8 million twitter followers, Rob has 0.5m. Wrexham have 74k. Liverpool FC have 15.8m and Man Utd 23.7m. Sponsors are paying, at that level, for exposure via TV (minimal), matchday (
  5. Apologies Andrew I am playing on a single save file and have progressed along way past the stage now. I only noticed when I searched him to see if he was available that I found he had retired and was a scout. His retirement date was 18/1/2021.
  6. Players seems to be calling it a day very early. Examples Yannick Bolasie was a scout before January?! Choosing to retire when not included in Everton's squad. He almost signed for Middlesbrough in the summer. I don't think he is looking to be a scout any time soon. Winston Reid, Bakary Sako, Ibrahim Afellay, Nacer Barazite, Bradley Johnson, Curtis Davies some more examples. Difficult to find more examples early in the game but it does seem to be a bit of a trend. Wes Morgan, Andrew Crofts, David Martin, Wayne Routledge, Glenn Murray another few examples but maybe more realistic
  7. Came to report the same issue with Ansu Fati being sold for 50m to Man Utd. Chelsea also signed Thomas Lemar for 70m in January. Highly doubt Chelsea will shell out that kind of money on an attacking player after this summers activity. Liverpool also picked up Haaland from Dortmund. Generally teams appear to be excessively active in the transfer market. In real life there seems to be much less activity these days with it becoming harder to prise players from clubs.
  8. I guess the evidence point would be that Man United won the league, with transfers disabled in first window. The evidence of it being unlikely with the current squad would be last season finishing 33 points behind 1st and this season sitting 14th, having only picked up 1 point from 4 homes games.
  9. Players generally seems to retire quickly when not signed or registered to squads. Decided to check out Yannick Bolasie and before January on the game he had already called it a day and was a scout?
  10. Apologies, Finding it difficult to locate the correct place for feedback!
  11. Man Utd won the league. If that's not a bug with the current squad I don't know what is? I have tried to look for players potentially overpowered. Wan Bisaka 20 for tackling seems high, granted he is a strong tackler but 20? Mason Greenwood, very good player, seems a bit over powered. Stats are up there with some of the best players in the world already? Bruno Fernandes seems to be as overhyped as he is in real life. Again very good player but some stats seem exaggerated. Pogba maybe another example. Technically seems to be over powered and not sure if the flair stat is fo
  12. Jurgen Klopp finished 3rd with Liverpool in 1st season and was sacked. I highly doubt that's likely? If Liverpool did finish 3rd this season I'd suspect that Klopp has enough credit in the bank to avoid being sacked and replaced by Sari? Seems to be a general theme of managers being sacked too often which seems to have slowed in real life and this is the best example I could give without listing them all.
  13. Transfers appear to be unrealistic. Ansu Fati signed for Man United in January for around 50m. If anyone thinks that's likely I'd be surprised. Chelsea also spent 70m on Thomas Lemar, after this summers spending I highly doubt they'd be shelling out another 70m on an attacking player. Liverpool picked up Haaland for 70m, again seems slightly unlikely but maybe the more realistic of the 3. Generally just seems to be A LOT more spending than I would realistically expect?
  14. On my database players seem to retire very early. I think players, especially with high reputation and int caps, should be less likely to retire. In real life there is a trend to spend the late 30s in China, America, Japan, Australia etc. This should be reflected in the game. Players like Iniesta, Torres etc all retire quickly in my game as do many others.
  15. When choosing the advanced option to fine tune the size of a database you should be able to select 'hot prospects' from a region/country in the same way you can select current internationals or high reputation players. Often I like lots of young players in the DB to sign as I don't sign regens.
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