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  1. just to update - I carried on playing (very slowly) and as I got to the end of November it has sped up and gone back to its normal speed. I will update again if any change
  2. hi I have uploaded it Michael Tune - Leeds Utd (v02) (v02)FM many thanks
  3. hi thank you I have already tried that, it worked for a couple of days but then slowed down again. I have not used the editor
  4. Hi, I am now in season 2036, and up until now the game has been flying along really quickly, however now all of the sudden it slows down between days, and can take 2-3 minutes to move on from one day to the next. It is fully updated with the latest patch
  5. Currently using beowulf 442 107 and although results good disciplinary record is awful, quite a few reds and yellow cards. Is there another version or tactic less aggressive?
  6. Hi, which of these is the better machine for football manager 2020 please? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-amd-ryzen-5-rx-560x-gaming-laptop-256-gb-ssd-10189729-pdt.html or https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-14-ce3501sa-14-laptop-intel-core-i5-512-gb-ssd-silver-10198859-pdt.html
  7. i am in 2028, and got to end of August and the game suddenly slowed down when moving from one day to the next. It is ok during the early part of the day, but as soon as it gets to he point were it is to move on to the next day it becomes really slow and can take 30-40 mins to move on to the next day. I have opened task manager and it shows that FM18 is not working, however there is no crash message, so just leave it and it takes this long to process. I have loaded up an old game and that works fine, tried starting a new game and that appears fine, the error just seems to be with this game which ideally I wanted to continue with
  8. I have loaded a previous game and that works fine so don't think it can be drivers
  9. i have got AMD card, I have just updated the drivers to the latest and still no joy
  10. i have exactly the same problem, but I am very unsure about messing with drivers etc, as unsure what to do, come on SI sort it out, its obviously a big bug effecting a lot of people
  11. thank you. last night it wouldn't change back but it appears to now.
  12. how do we get the public beta Neil as I have the same issue?
  13. following a 'wonderful' update of windows ten, football manager 2017 wouldn't load up, I opened steam, and noticed that it was trying to load a beta, but nothing actually happened. I then decided to try to opt out of the beta participation, then steam updated my football manager files, Fm17 then started working. When I tried loading my game, it said 'The game cannot be loaded'. I can see that I have got version 17.3.1, which I believe is the latest version. I have rolling files and have also tried 2 other files but neither of these will load either. It makes me think the Beta is using a different version than the 17.3.1
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