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  1. I saw a post a while ago about two players pressing a keeper. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is caused by the same thing but I get occasions two players press the opposition, for example at 13 seconds in and at 9 minutes to name just two examples. Not sure if it is something to do with the tactics but some of the pressing just seems illogical, players running massively out of position to press, one of those examples I think is a CM tracking out of position to press when someone is already pressing.

    37 minutes - LW tracks inside when the CM could've just pressed, at one point it looked like the CAM was about to join in too

    45:16 - LW continues to press when the ST starts to press

    47:17 - LW starts to press with the CAM and they decide to go on a wander into the middle, then the CAM stops and the CM decides to start chasing, all the while the LW is still tracking him.

    LW has instructions to stay wider and standard pressing intensity, 

    Arsenal v Boston United Double Press.pkm

  2. If you hover over the 'Wnt' symbol it will move down, try to hover over it to look at who they are wanted by then makes the icon move back up to where it started. Go to hover over it again and it moves down, it's pretty much a repeating cycle, sometimes it won't move so you can hover over it and see who they are wanted by but that's only occasionally


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