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  1. One thing that I noted is that too many average keepers are making way too much world class saves for my liking.
  2. This has got to be the worst match engine ever ever ever. All these work should be done even before the game is released. It's UNACCEPTABLE.
  3. My full backs are running literally everywhere and averaging 20-30 crosses each game. I'm not kiddin. My single fullbacks has more shots then striker combined in a game Wingers are nerfed too much, a tad too much. Also defending of crosses has been very poor, it looked alright before the 2 new patches. They just ball watch the cross. Tackling needs to be tone up abit. Almost every player ball watches and not attempt a tackle when in a clear cut tackling scenario 90% of the time. All players regardless of position seems very reluctant too tackle. Even when I put the get stuck in, player just ball watches. No attempt to intervene or break up play at all. You guys really have to find the delicate balance or having the right amount of tackles made in a game and clear cut tackles that definitely have to be won. You can't sacrifise definite tackles just because u want to limit the amount of tackles in the game. Anyone else having the same problems as me? On a positive side not, heading is great seems like u guys nailed it.
  4. Remarkable improvement but defending still needs alot of refining with regards to defending through passes. Too much injuries for my liking.. Bug much?
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