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  1. '!FM19.2PILGRIMAGEKnap343VOLANTEPressP99' should still work with Marseille since their reputation is lower than Lyon, right? One last question, what's your best 'Top team', 'Sub top' and Under dog' tactic so far? Thanks for the help!
  2. Which tactics could you recommend for my Marseille save? I had great success with the '!FM19.2PILGRIMAGEKnap343VOLANTEPressP99' in my 1st two seasons with Lyon, i won 2 league titles and i reached the Champions Final in the 2nd season but the tactic completely broke down in the 3rd season (finished 5th, couldn't hold a lead to save my life, had about 15-20 shots per game and couldn't score more than 1-2 goals). Now (in the 4th season) i got hired by Marseille and i'm looking for some help. Can you lend a hand? Thanks!
  3. Any recommendations for a team like that /Leeds/Fulham/Villa) once it reaches the Prem?
  4. Knap, let me ask you something. I'm gonna start a save with Leeds, which 3 tactics would you recommend me while i'm in the Championship and 3 for when i eventually reach the PL? Thanks!
  5. Can you post a screen of the SUS tactic you used?
  6. Would you choose the PILGRIMAGE of the WOF for a team like Sampdoria?
  7. And which 343 for the top clubs ? Been getting very good results with the MIDSOMER 442 P103.
  8. '343 is the top formation' - which one of your 343's?
  9. Out of curiosity, since you seem to test most of your tactics on arsenal, what are the 3 best for them in your opinion?
  10. This is the last update of the FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433 right?
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