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  1. Any recommendations for a team like that /Leeds/Fulham/Villa) once it reaches the Prem?
  2. Knap, let me ask you something. I'm gonna start a save with Leeds, which 3 tactics would you recommend me while i'm in the Championship and 3 for when i eventually reach the PL? Thanks!
  3. Can you post a screen of the SUS tactic you used?
  4. Would you choose the PILGRIMAGE of the WOF for a team like Sampdoria?
  5. And which 343 for the top clubs ? Been getting very good results with the MIDSOMER 442 P103.
  6. '343 is the top formation' - which one of your 343's?
  7. Out of curiosity, since you seem to test most of your tactics on arsenal, what are the 3 best for them in your opinion?
  8. This is the last update of the FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433 right?
  9. Thanks, will give it a try!
  10. If you could pick one of your 'top' tactics for Real Madrid which one would it be?