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  1. Hi everyone. I play this game since 2000. I tried a lot of theme. Now, Sigames creates only dark and light themes. So i used different themes. Steklo, Wannachupbrew etc. But i think in the future, Sigames must create new themes. Because we need stable themes. I like dark green themes. There are a lot of theme but i search all of the sites to find them. (In the new games, we can speak with unumployed managers. Maybe we ask to them "Hi Jose, i need a midfield player. Do you suggest me a player in your club or in your country? <= Only example) Good wishes to work...
  2. Hi everybody and programmers. I play this game since 2000's. It's great but we need some new changes. 1. We can speak with unemployed managers. For example "Please give me a suggestion for a wing back player." 2. We can choose the shirts before the match. Thanks for your regards...
  3. Dear Tom, i use your skins every time. I can say that, you're the best. Your skins are easy and comfortable for the eyes. Thanks...
  4. I have a lot of background picture for FM 2013.I am using Steklo X3 skin.I copied the photos is in the backgrounds folder.But i can see only one photo in my game and it's the default picture.If i change the default file or its name i can use only a photo.Not the others.Is there a problem in Football Manager 2013?If there is not a problem in the game, must i edit the config.xml file?How can i edit it?Please help me.See you later...
  5. We can't change the background picture.Only can change default picture in the skin.Please help!!!
  6. I can change the photos for a player, team etc.I want only changing in the main menu.
  7. I bought the original game.But i can't use all of the photos.I want to use them.How can i use them?I changed the name of the photo.
  8. You can use your own background in the game.Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/skins/skin name/graphics/backgrounds You will see the picture files.First backup them.After delete them.Copy your favourite background into the folder.Change its name "file name => "1" The game will use "1" name in when you play. >>MY PROBLEM<< I did it.It's okay.But i have a question.In the game photos must change when i play it.I coluldn't do it.I use only one photo.Maybe we must set the config.xml file.If you help me i thank you.I have 10 background photo.
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