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  1. Hi. In the future, can we have an update for In Game Editor. We want to change the stadium names but the editor cannot change it now.
  2. Philip Cocu sacked from Fenerbahçe. Can you correct it from database or are we going to wait for a new update?
  3. Ergene Velimeşespor's Club President is Adem Memiş. It is not a bug but you can add it to the database: CLICK TO SEE THE Board of Directors
  4. Beşiktaş JK's stadium's name is "Vodafone Park". Please correct it. Click to see the name. Middle in the page, with red text.
  5. Hi everyone. I play this game since 2000. I tried a lot of theme. Now, Sigames creates only dark and light themes. So i used different themes. Steklo, Wannachupbrew etc. But i think in the future, Sigames must create new themes. Because we need stable themes. I like dark green themes. There are a lot of theme but i search all of the sites to find them. (In the new games, we can speak with unumployed managers. Maybe we ask to them "Hi Jose, i need a midfield player. Do you suggest me a player in your club or in your country? <= Only example) Good wishes to work...
  6. Hi everybody and programmers. I play this game since 2000's. It's great but we need some new changes. 1. We can speak with unemployed managers. For example "Please give me a suggestion for a wing back player." 2. We can choose the shirts before the match. Thanks for your regards...
  7. Dear Tom, i use your skins every time. I can say that, you're the best. Your skins are easy and comfortable for the eyes. Thanks...
  8. I have a lot of background picture for FM 2013.I am using Steklo X3 skin.I copied the photos is in the backgrounds folder.But i can see only one photo in my game and it's the default picture.If i change the default file or its name i can use only a photo.Not the others.Is there a problem in Football Manager 2013?If there is not a problem in the game, must i edit the config.xml file?How can i edit it?Please help me.See you later...
  9. We can't change the background picture.Only can change default picture in the skin.Please help!!!
  10. I can change the photos for a player, team etc.I want only changing in the main menu.
  11. I bought the original game.But i can't use all of the photos.I want to use them.How can i use them?I changed the name of the photo.
  12. You can use your own background in the game.Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/skins/skin name/graphics/backgrounds You will see the picture files.First backup them.After delete them.Copy your favourite background into the folder.Change its name "file name => "1" The game will use "1" name in when you play. >>MY PROBLEM<< I did it.It's okay.But i have a question.In the game photos must change when i play it.I coluldn't do it.I use only one photo.Maybe we must set the config.xml file.If you help me i thank you.I have 10 background photo.
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