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  1. Damn. I hope his Mum still keeps an eye on him
  2. Hey BG, good to see you're still around. Hannah is doing great and still keeping up her daily published 4pm diary ! Overseeing the forums was a tough gig but managed to keep the mods and SI folks in line !
  3. Anyone remember Jordao, and his "An Introduction to myself" and complete self desolutionment !
  4. I was around quite a bit in the early 00's, even won "user of the year" award once ! Organised several meet ups in London and going to a couple in Belgium and Netherlands. Worked off and on at SI for a few years too ! Good times
  5. "Birthday" performed by The Sugarcubes (Bjork). Hurrah for me ! Hun er skvísa., skutla., gella !
  6. Oooooooh posting boosting pointless thread ! spotify:track:4XvmZZTRwfUA3JJV4oUeaA
  7. No idea what this thread is really about but... I have a Nexus One Google phone unlocked on a £10 a month variable deal with unlimited internet, 300 minutes and 100 text. Happy days ! .... or not till someone tells me their deal is like way better than mine Gingerbread \o/
  8. Thanks for the help guys, gone for the Samsung R87 has 3 HDMI ports btw
  9. Hi there, I too am planning to join the exciting world of LCD TV ! Considering one of these three, let me know what you think Sony KDL32S2530 Samsung LE32R87DBX Phillips 32PFL5522D Thanks
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