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  1. Balázs Dzsudzsák: zs sounds like the first sound in the French name Jean. dzs sounds like the first sound in Jack. a is like in car, but it's a short vowel, and á sounds like the vowel in bus, but long. And u sounds like the vowel in foot. I guess bol-azh joo-juck is close enough.
  2. It's all too easy now... Edit: this is with the classic one. I wonder why everyone is waiting for a new one
  3. It happens when your team plays a team from a rival nation.
  4. One of my most exciting games ever. PSG are second in the league, we're first.
  5. I think Vermaelen goes something like vermahlen, at least that's how I heard it on TV. I guess a Dutch speaker could say. Jorge is pronounced like you said, but it's a Spanish name, not Italian. I'm still waiting for help with Yannis Geay, French guy.
  6. Stop the freaking chairman from selling players over world class managers' heads when they have tens of millions in the bank, and I'll be satisfied.
  7. If they switch to 4-2-4, I switch to a modified version of this tactic where all farrows and forward runs are removed, time wasting is set on maximum, counter attacking is ticked and passing is set to through the middle. It works pretty well, I tend to score more often than the opposition
  8. I'm beginning to develop a full blown case of superkeeperitis in my second season. I get 20 shots on goal and if I manage to squeeze one in, they usually equalize in five minutes after a corner or a long range shot or some ridiculous defensive mistake.
  9. I'm also Arsenal in my first year, squad is unchanged except for some Brazilian kid I brought is ans an AMC. My defence is pretty good, I conceded 21 in 25 games in the league so far. Scored 85 I must say this tactic is quite hilarious. I won 7-0 at Stamford Bridge and 6-2 at Old Trafford (with Djourou and Nordveit as my centre backs). It's standard v2 except I gave the AMCs lots of creative freedom. I guess it doens't need much tweaking for big teams... Haven't tried with a smaller team yet.
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