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  1. I think the German researcher's understanding of aggression is a bit of extreme. Aggression attribute: Hummels: 7 Sule: 6 and a whole bunch of other German CBs with extremely low aggression. Yes, Hummels doesn't tackle as much as Vidal, but it doesn't make his aggression as low as 7.
  2. The major reason for selling Lewandowski is because Reus can play striker.
  3. Great post guys! I am wondering how everybody uses Reus? I normally put Gotze as left IF (support) and Kuba as right winger (support). Is it wise to set Reus on the AMC position as trequartista? To be honest, i a even thinking about using Reus as striker. (trying to sell lewandowski to bring in some extra transfer budget)
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