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  1. Please, please, please SI sort out the ME. It ruins everything about the game and it gets worse ever single year. Won't buy another one until there is a major improvement
  2. Does anybody know what age a player from an EU has to be before they can join a team in Russia? Trying to bring in young players with sell on value, whilst losing my best cb, but don't want to buy for a 16 year old from an EU country only to find out they can't join for two years when I need them now.
  3. Since the last update, there's been a massive change in the ME. Every single goal that I score or concede is from a cross which is just ridiculous, the defenders don't do anything, the midfield don't tackle. It's just a case of who misplaces passes the most. Really disappointed, when the beta first came out I was really enjoying it but now it's got a bit repetitive. The ME just lets the whole game down, as it has done on 15 and 14
  4. Since the update, been finding that my centre backs keep going AWOL and just being horrendously out of position, conceding from crosses for pretty much every single goal. I know crossing leads to a lot of goals, but there seems to be too many on this FM. Other thing would be my players just giving up and not challenging for any loose balls or just letting the opposition run past them. My tactics probably aren't helping, but still very annoying to watch my player just stand and watch as the opposition just runs past them
  5. Really enjoying the beta so far, far more than I enjoyed fm 15 at any point. Only thing is, is anyone else getting a lot of injuries? I've played 95% of my season with only 15 players as I've always had 8 or 9 injured at a time, and normally for a couple of moths aswell
  6. Just sort the match engine out, do nothing else, just sort it out. It's been going downhill for the last few years and this year it's just completely taken the fun out of the game for me
  7. I have my players man marking, I expect to concede a few, as every team does as set pieces are crucial but it's a ridiculous amount I'm conceding, especially when I don't score more than 5 a season. It's starting to just take the fun out of the game
  8. Please, please, please sort the corners out, conceded over 5o in 3 league seasons, never been like this on previous FM's. And before anyone says about tactics from corners, yes maybe they could be better, but that doesn't mean I should be conceding over 15 a season when I'm one of the best teams in the league, it doesn't happen to any team
  9. I've conceded over 50 league goals from corners in 3 seasons, which is ridiculous. Is there any way to stop them from happening so consistently? There's far too many corner goals on this game, hopefully it will get sorted but until then can anyone help?
  10. Got this lad for 46k rising to 115k in my second season, absolute bargain, already clubs record scorer
  11. Apparently some of them have got too much of a senior role in the team to be tutored, the main player only cost me 3 million and I can at least triple that so not all is lost with him. I'm a small team so desperately need to find gems, develop and sell them on. I'll read that as well, need as much help/advice as I can get at the moment!
  12. Thinking it might be the personality types looking at them now, temperamental seems to be the main issue, the more professional players are doing brilliantly, the forwards especially
  13. Cheers mate, just had a read of it, will see if I can replicate them. I am given them plenty of game time, might just be the players attitude, in which case they'll be sold at the end of the season!
  14. I have a lot of young players in my team, mainly due to my preference for developing rather than buying. My facilities aren't incredible, the training facilities are rated as 'impressive' so I don't think it could be them but a lot of my young players rather than improving stay at the same level. All my coaches are of a good standard and a lot of the players have a fantastic potential, one player has actually got considerably worse! I've got them on individual role training (heavy) for their respective roles I was doing the same level of training and technique on M 14 and it worked brilliantly? Anyone got any tips or advice on how to raise the young players as I'm struggling?
  15. A quick look at the rules would have sorted that, and the term EU covers more than just EU in the French League, Croatia are also included and most of Africa don't count as foreigners either
  16. But I have offered him a new deal, it's his agent he should be angry with as it was the agents demands that ruined the contract talks, it also doesn't mean he should then go bat **** bonkers and try to wreck my season
  17. I haven't had too many problems with player interaction I must say, but I've just come across a massive issue in it. One of my players is demanding a new contract, I offer him two, he rejects them both so I've stuck to my promise, he was just being a greedy so and so. Then he complains about me not keeping my promises, even though I offered him a new contract twice. He then complains and starts crying saying he wants to leave the club and turns the rest of the squad against me making the morale rubbish before a massive Champions League game. I offered him the new contract twice, so why is he complaining about me not keeping my promise to offer one when I clearly have, it's pretty much messed up my whole season when it shouldn't have.
  18. It is a criticism of the game, because it shouldn't be happening. As my defenders are considerably better than the opposing teams, and my team is significantly stronger physically and taller which they are then I shouldn't be conceding that many goals, and if I am, then I should be scoring an equal amount if not more. It happens too frequently, don't have a problem with conceding the odd goal here and there from corners, but its every other game
  19. Because I never score from them, and 9 /10 my corners end up being broken against. Especially when my defenders have better defensive attributes than 95% of the league, so I shouldn't be conceding about 15 corners a season like I did, in comparison to the one I scored, so obviously, I'm going to mention how many i'm conceding
  20. Still too many corners being scored, can't defend them no matter what I try, only the ai players win 50/50 balls, crosses are too overpowered, the full backs seem to lack the ability to tackle. The goalies are awful, standing out of position 9 times out of 10. Worst FM I've ever played, might be worth actually putting effort into the ME next year
  21. My game version is 15.1.4 and this is what the message says: A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in: C:\Users\Lacy\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\crash dumps\FM 2015\ v15.1.4.579096 (2014.12.06 23.01.53).dmp
  22. Everytime I go to load my save I get a crash dump occuring. I have tried verifying the cache files, deleting my preference folder on the computer and changed my in game preferences and none of them have done the trick. Anything else I could do that might solve this? This happens on all my saves and always when the blue loading bar is nearly finished
  23. Everytime I go to load up my game this comes up: A serious error was encountered and the application will close, An error file has been generated in: C:\Users\Lacy/Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\crash dumps\FM 2015 v15.1.4.579096 (2014.12.06 11.11.31).dmp Is there any way of sorting this, any help would be much appreciated
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