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  1. Don't think I've ever seen a keeper sent off but I was pleasantly surprised to see the opposition keeper sent off for handling outside the box just a few games into my first season on FM14. If I can find the highlight I'll post it.
  2. Unsaved, quit and re-played games? Yes, hadn't done this for years until the other night....I know I shouldn't have but if I hadn't I might have been answering Yes to point 4! Wore a Manager like jacket or tracksuit for a big game? No, but I've always been tempted. Had a conversation with yourself on the toilet like you were being interviewed about your team? Yes and pretty much everywhere I go especially when I just finished playing. Not answered the phone as you were so immersed in a game? All the time. Kicked your cat after a loss? Never kicked but as it sits on my lap whilst I play it usually ends up on the floor after a particularly good/bad result. It also gets the odd push when it's trying to tap the ball on screen. Had a massive argument with your significant other directly resulting form FM? Yes. Just last night my wife arrived home after a few nights away to coincide with me losing to Siena in Serie B with a pretty bad performance and to fall out of the promotion spots - i had to give myself a talking to so that it didn't reflect when I met her at the front door.
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