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  1. Sorry just back playing this started a new save with Milan, just wondered is there a 'simple' effective tactic that could work for them? Im not a fan of tactics where there are tons of instructions (ocd!). They usually play 4231 in live so was thinking a basic of that or 433??
  2. Ahh having a nightmare with Spurs. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone had any success with a tactic for them? Preferably a simple and realistic one??
  3. Seriously, has anyone been able to have any success with Spurs? I can't find anything realistic enough for them at all
  4. Anyone any tips on what tactic to use for Spurs? Tried the 4231 and the attacking midfielder (Alli) gets rubbish ratings as well as the Left Inside F
  5. Guys need help. Badly struggling with Spurs, anyone had any success at all with them using these tactics? 4231 doesnt seem to work for me?
  6. Trying to use a tactic for AC Milan, to match their current squad. Thinking of a 4231 in 21.5 version but not sure which i should be using. Any idea?
  7. Sorry to ask this but just wanted to know if these are classed as 'cheat' tactics designed to find a flaw in the system? Reason im asking is i read somewhere im fmscout that these tactics are not realistic - HOWEVER i prefer these tactics just suits me as i dont have time and skill to be in and out changing things, though i assumed these are realistic? Not criticising these tactics as i said i use them just wondered cause i keep seeing high points totals and thing people are saying its not realistic? To me it's i dont see an issue.
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