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  1. Haha... Well I am a currency trader. Sometimes when I have orders on, all I have to do is just wait and wait and wait untill my order hits the profit or stop loss. But yeah otherwise it would suck to play this game at work. Cloud save will work right? I don't need a flash drive I suppose?
  2. Hey folks. I have a PC at work and Mac at home. Will the save files be compatible with each other? Can I play the game at home with my Mac and continue it on the PC with my PC? Thank you.
  3. Where do I check the start of the transfer window? I can see other teams in other leagues can accept or make loan offers.
  4. OK this is emberrasing. I just started a career with Porto on FM15 but for the love of God I can not find the option to loan players. I go to a player's profile and click make offer but it only access to regular transfer but never loan. Any idea why? EDIT : I cant even declare Interest as loan.
  5. This one is for the staff team. Starting from the next season the foreign player rule is changing in a very big way. Will this be implemented in FM15 for the beginning of the 2015-2016 season or will we see the new rules in FM16? Also I am going to start a new game, when did the january transfer patch usually come out in the previous games?
  6. However these are two different departments. The guys fixing the Match Engine are probably not the guys responsible of DATA updates. @ everyone else. Football Manager is usually our top played game in our PC. And Football Manager series really a rightly priced game. Sure there are bugs and problems, but every year adding a new feature might cause issues. The game was priced at $40 here in Turkey, and its even cheaper now. And Honestly that price for a game that you might end up playing every day for so many months is a good price. $40 is what I pay going to the movies and watch a lame chick flick with my wife while eating popcorn and drink coke. So IF SI was to charge me $10 for a monthly update service, I would be willing to go with that option because I know I can get more out of the game that way. But again for this to ever happen, SI needs to release the game with the beginning of the football season and this might be a very very hard task. I know that poor SI sometimes barely can make the release date. When the new season starts, most of us are eager about football and we find out how much we missed football after the summer break. When my passion is building up with the new season, it sucks to see that I will have to wait 2-3 more months for FM to come out so I can manage my fav, team with the new signings.
  7. It could be little enhancements. Sometimes even in the English league a player gets a serious attribute upgrade after some time. Even over a year or 2. But small changes could be implemented. For example if a striker's finish is 13 out of 20 and in December he scored 7 goals in 5 matches, his finishing COULD be 14... Not a serious overhaul of correcting attributes, but just little touches.
  8. I think if this was a paid service, maybe the costs could be covered. I am sure many people would like to have squads updated regularly. Not after each match of course but every month or so is great. Even many people who would say " I would never pay for this service " would probably purchase it for up to date entertainment. Let's say the game came out in November. An Update can be released early February, covering major leagues, than in Late February or March 1st, covering leftover transfers in the major leagues and other leagues. Late December for attribute upgrades mostly. I mean if somehow the game could have been released in August or early September, I see great potential of monthly attribute and transfer changes. A football season is 8 months long, and there could be at least 6 months of update. I know it all comes down to extra work hours.
  9. Hey folks. Sorry if this has been spoken before. But do you guys in SI ever think of doing montly squad updates in the future releases? Not just transfers but perhaps attribute changes as well? It would be so great to get frequent squad updates from the SI team each month or so. Since this will be a squad update, maybe intensive testing would not be necessarily as the game code will be intact. Maybe this service could be a charged service too. I know if the price is right, I would purchase it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Who knows Maybe when you manage a rival team, you will enjoy it soo much that you will shout with happniss after each victory. Maybe deep in yourself there might be a potential for actually supporting the rival team. Who knows bro? Maybe you are actually a Liverpool fan and you do not know it. yet.
  11. To be honest. I can't wait for the new patch. Drogba + Sneijder + Burak Yilmaz will be a deadly trio in the game.
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