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  1. There are lots of things not working as they should be with the editor this year. It’s very disappointing
  2. Finding some of the Rangers players stats bizarre to be honest. Could disagree with 90% of the players but i'll pick out the more glaring errors in my opinion. Tavernier - The criticism of his defending was justified 3/4 years ago but seems like Football Manager still thinks he can't defend. Heading - 9 Marking - 9 Tackling - 10 Positioning - 8 Also 10 for anticipation? For an assist machine? 8 for flair? 10 for determination? This twitter thread goes in depth on his 19/20 stats...he's been even better this season so far. https://twitter.com/
  3. I’m posting this from the future. If SI don’t release the beta today it will upset the space time continuum, everything we know and love will be gone unless SI do their duty. I have every confidence they will.
  4. I make something similar to this yearly and just putting it on here in case anyone else wants to play it! This is a very unrealistic database but in my opinion a fun one Made with the 20.4.0 database Old Firm to England + New & Improved Scottish League Setup 20.4.0.fmf Rangers and Celtic in the English Championship Farsley and Kings Lynn have been removed from the English League setup to facilitate this Club rep increased to 7300 Both teams start with £114m bank balance - £50m Transfer budget and a £500k available wage budget Annual sponsorship
  5. We can edit nation co efficients again after not being able to in 18 or 19, can’t remember which one.
  6. That’s something a very small number of people want though, no point in comparing such a thing. When you see skins getting made that only add an instant result button on top of the base game skin getting over 60k downloads on one fan website. To me that’s pretty clear evidence it’s something the community want.
  7. Devs not catering to or listening to the communities wants isn’t a good idea.
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