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  1. Does mentoring only impact personality's? Do players not pick up preferred moves in a mentoring group?
  2. I set up my shortlists like this and have done for years now.
  3. So i don't know if this is intended or not. I hope not anyway, it doesn't make any sense. There is a slot of training took up by travel after a home game on the Friday 17th August and then the following day on Sat 18th there is a slot of training took up by travel again, the day before an away game to Hibs. Must be a bug? I am playing on a heavily edited database, mostly changes to the Scottish league set up but that shouldn't have anything to do with it?
  4. It's been removed for some bizzare reason. Been able to edit it for years and now we can't. Very annoying.
  5. Rather annoying, the option to edit the co efficient has been there for years.
  6. Trying to find the option to edit nation co coefficients but it appears to have been removed from the pre game editor?
  7. So the option to alter the nation co-efficients has been removed from the pre game editor? Bit of a bummer.
  8. Into the middle of September now and i have had 10 players unhappy with training since virtually the start of pre season. Each one says he "Thinks he should be doing more quickness training" I've had 2 quickness sessions in the last 2 weeks but i don't want to be doing much more as we had 9 games in August alone. Playing Thursday-Sunday with Europa League qualification so overworking the players with a hard physical session like quickness wouldn't make sense.
  9. Morelos being rated 2 for teamwork is extremely harsh as is Candeias rated 9 for dribbling. Gareth McAuley won't be on 15k a week in real life Colin Stewart isn't the Rangers GK coach on game And no under 18's league for Scottish clubs? Or did the new reserve league replace that in real life too? I cant remember lol
  10. I load up very large databases, around 200k players and loads of leagues. Pleasantly surprised at the time it took to create a new career, a lot faster than FM18. Hope the game processes faster as well!
  11. I can't play until tomorrow night so ideally the beta gets dropped tonight. That way the real name fixes file will also be out and i'll be good to go.
  12. Made this for myself and thought some others may want to play it so here it is for anyone who chooses to. In this scenario we see the Old Firm, Rangers & Celtic move to the English Championship, while both teams have B Sides competing in the Scottish Premiership. Download Link - https://files.fm/u/5udahwan How it works: Scotland A new Scottish League Setup has been created with a 16 team Scottish Premiership, 18 team Scottish Championship and 10 team League one. Increased tv money, 5m per club each season with increased prize money in the cups and leagues. Nothing too dramatic, just enough to give the other Scottish teams and leagues the ability to improve long term in the game. Rangers B & Celtic B compete in the Scottish Premier League, Scottish Cup and League Cup and both have their own 15k stadiums named after club legends. Celtics current Champions League spot has been given to Aberdeen with Rangers Europa League spot going to Hibs and Hearts getting Aberdeen's Europa League place. If Rangers or Celtic B finish in the European spots, their places will be given to the team ranked below them. England The Old Firm take the place of North Ferriby and Leamington in the English pyramid system with the Vanarama North sides no longer in the game, they were then swapped with the lowest reputational teams in each tier until placed in the Championship. Rangers and Celtic's youth intake will still produce Scottish players. Both start at 6900 reputation Both start with 47m in the bank, 30m transfer budget and availabe wage budget of 300k Both have total annual sponsership income of 44m set for 3 years which will obviously increase/decrease based on performance and reputation status (more than West ham, Newcastle and Everton but less than Tottenham and rest of 'big' clubs) Both can play in European competition but obviously representing England. Known Issues Under 18's wont play league fixtures in 1st season but will in 2nd season and every season after. An under 23's squad will be created, they won't have league fixtures and will only play in the EFL Trophy games which is 8 games max a season - (This annoyed me at first but after a long play through its actually ideal as too many players are required to have an 18's, 23's, B team and senior squad.) If Rangers B or Celtic B are relegated down to the Scottish Championship or League One, neither team will be promoted even if they win the league, despite playing around with the editor i can't seem to fix this. Most annoying thing about it but not a gamebreaker for me personally as i use the B team for bleeding youngsters anyway. I play my game with the sortitousi stop brexit file and real name changes etc The sortitoutsi live data update Japan database and league Classen league files Less injuries file So its compatible with all of them too.
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