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  1. Working beautifully this, lovely football and very high possession stats. 5 wins in 5 for me with Sheffield United and defensively very solid. Rotating the mentality depending on home/away and opposition seems to be fine too. Big fan
  2. the 4-1-4-1 mate. same as posted on here + training players to the roles
  3. Won the league in my first season with Leicester with the best attack, defence, top scorer, most assists (Harvey Barnes!). Offloading all the dead wood and brought in Gnabry, got Mahrez back and trying to sign Tielemans permanently (using Adrien Silva as leverage). Brought in Vagnoman and Plattenhardt as back-ups.
  4. Going great guns with this. First season with Leicester im fighting with Man City for the title and still in the FA Cup in March. Very Solid defence and joint highest scorers. Possession ranges depending on the opponent between 45-55%. I have the same squad but with Ntcham, Tielemans and Vilhenna added.
  5. You appear to be right. Im retraining the midfielders (and have added Ntcham and Vilhenna who are perfect to rotate with). Vardy is scoring and the wide mids are performing well. LOVE the impact of the CWB's. Maddison and Tielemans seem happy playing those roles and adjusting in training too. Very well done Mr Rosler.
  6. Gonna give this a whack with Leicester on the winter update. Any tips on roles for Vardy and my wingers (Gray, Barnes, Albrighton etc)? Also will Tielemans and Maddison be able to play together in the midfield trio as BBM's?
  7. No OI's Yes, very. Just have a counter tactic set up when youre outclassed in middle third.
  8. Used an away/against stronger teams tactic too when it was obvious the opposition would be able to control the middle third better than i could. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-18-tactics/372673-best-defensive-tactic-ever-tripple-milan-first-season.html
  9. After taking Leeds United to the Champions League in two seasons im now starting with Lyon. The football is even more suited to the continent where it is less likely to come up against long ball 4-4-2's. Deserves more exposure this tactic does, best football ive played on FM for a number of years.
  10. If I were you that's where I would play him then. Meanwhile im top of the Championship with 26 pts after 10 games with Leeds. Will upload screenshots later!
  11. Crikey, his crossing and passing are really quite poor! looks more a striker to be honest! Play him up front
  12. Whos the player/team you have in mind? Played 3 friendlies so far with Leeds: 1-1 against CSKA 2-1 wins against Peterboro and Cardiff. All games I had 60-70% possession and created chances. Looking good so far.
  13. Starting a Leeds United save tonight. Be interesting to see how this gets on in the Championship with the differing styles of play. I know Leeds have some players to fit this tactic such as Hernandez, Saiz, Alioski, Klich, Jansson, Ayling and Douglas. Bamford and Roofe up front options should be enough too. May be in the market for faster centre backs and a BWM.
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