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  1. Although I think this idea can't be put into effect this year or the next I think si should look toward integrating the game more online with live player and team updates and live syncing so the database is always up to date. They could charge monthly like they do for fml. They could also have integrated clans so you and your mates can play against each other it would take the strain off that one person who hosts the game and put the hosting on fm servers this would make the game faster for online play. It's good for the environment too since you won't have to use CDs anymore and will help against piracy.
  2. I would like to see users get fired more randomly regardless of reputation or cups (makes the game more realistic) Real Madrid managers to be sacked more regularly. Pressure to be much much higher for big teams. A stat on teams on how badly they are wanted to be taken over by consortium's and a stat on how much current chairmen resist. More clubs going bust. Managers having the ability to add conditions when haggling over their contracts (develop youth facilities, training, offer more transfer money) Make the training interface drag and drop, it's just slow and tedious at the moment especially when you have a lot of schedule's. Players you praise a lot and like be shown in your favorite personal on your manager profile. ...I think that's all I can thing of so far.
  3. It would be cool if SI would bring back that feature when where you look at other clubs and there is a star next to certain players to signify them being star players. I remember it being on the old CM's
  4. I think FM should put hidden scenarios within the game, totally random things happen about 3 or 4 seasons in. Something similar to these real world examples.. The match fixing scandal that hit Italy The Tevez/Mascherano affair etc etc
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