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  1. It looks like Steam was in some weird state of flux where it hadn't fully updated. I clicked on "Check for Updates" for Steam and that seemed to push it along
  2. I don't mind waiting the extra 15 minutes but i'm still getting "Update Queued" in Steam, so the full game seemingly doesn't start. Any pointers of where i'm going wrong?
  3. And how do we fix the big increase in the amount of injuries to the AI teams?
  4. Theres a hell of a lot wrong with the current game, but results not being close to the same when the same tactics are used isn't one of them. It'd be far too easy to predict how games were going to go if that was the case
  5. You're not wrong superposh, the latest ME just doesn't seem to have any uniqueness to it, every game seems the same the FM12 ME got to become very very good, I think it just needed slight tweaking for FM13 rather than a re-working
  6. For what it's worth, having a high PA doesn't guarantee the player will get anywhere near that level (due to poor hidden attributes, injury proneness, his actual numbers not suited to that position etc) but I agree with you on the last part, submit it as a bug and see what they say
  7. I mentioned "all teams around the world" did I not? But yes, injuries throughout the game, to both the player and the AI teams have increased massively - not good
  8. I was going to say! It IS far too difficult in this version for youngsters on a contract. The OP has said he can't understand why it's been so easy for him to pick up these youngsters when it's quite obvious the reason as to why (good young players not signing their contracts, which happens in real life). I think he's right but I think he's coming at it from the wrong angle, it should be a question of why aren't other big teams in for these players, why has it not been made clear to him why he signed for him over his original team. Signing players not on contracts should be easy throughout the game (duh) but if these players are as good as they're supposed to be it shouldn't be easy to cherry pick them up from all over the world without some indication as to why
  9. In regards to injuries: They haven't been touched so i've been told but something has changed which has taken them way beyond realistic levels. Now, it may very well be the fact that pressing has been fixed (still needs big improvements through the middle imo), however they aren't just occurring for my team but for every team all around the world. Messi? Out for 5 weeks, Thiago - 3 months, Götze - 4 months, Rooney - 2 months (all at various stages of the game). So does this mean that all the teams around the world are facing up against high pressing and tough tackling teams? Now it isn't happening for everyone but it seems to suggest then that in some (quite a few) of peoples saves, teams must be playing exactly the same kind of tactics then if thats the case (pressing being the cause)? It's either that or it would be a suggestion to tone down the effect on injuries pressing has because it shouldn't be leading to players all across the world getting injured for long periods no matter what their training set up is or tactics they play, right now it isn't realistic at all For what it's worth i've also seen training ground injuries increase from what it was in 13.1.2
  10. My point is is that if you tried that, it wouldn't be so easy I don't see what's unrealistic about this though? Arsenal got Fabregas because he wouldn't sign a professional deal, West Ham got Defoe because he wouldn't sign with Charlton I believe it was, Katuka to Chelsea. This kind of things happens in real life all the time and clubs are forced to pay compensation. Despite what your scouts tell you, I reckon many of these 5 star rated youngsters you've bought won't turn out to be superstars as the current game is usually pretty good at getting top rated youngsters to sign permanent deals with their clubs
  11. Surely it's (the bug) not that big of a problem is it as the players will still get games? I don't know really as not sure how it all would work
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