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  1. Hi Joe, I'm not sure if this would be decided by yourself or by the researcher for the parent club but given our current strict wage structure I would be very surprised if we were paying 15K a week for Walters wages and quite frankly shocked if we were paying 20K for all of Penningtons wages, so think this is something that perhaps should be reviewed Cheers
  2. I would like the option to allow Free agents that have been signed outside of a transfer window to join the club early to allow them to train with the 1st team and play in Friendly/Under 21 games so they are fully fit when the are eligible to play. For example a player signed on the 1st December shouldn't have to wait until the 1st January to join the club as then you'd have to wait another few weeks to get them fit and ready to play. Like in reality, they should join early to train and play reserve football so they are fully fit and ready to go from the 1st of Jan.
  3. Just finished my 1st season and I got promoted as champions with relative ease after a dodgy start. I sold/released the likes of Scotland, Chopra, Martin, Hyam and Smith to raise funds and got promoted with this team built around pace. (GK) - Loach (WB) - Edwards -replaced by Chris Herd on loan in January (CD) - Chambers - made captain (CD) - Toivio - 600k signing (WB) - Cresswell (A) - N'Daw (BBM) - Hiljmark - £1mil signing (AP) - Bruins - Free Agent (IF) - JET (IF) - Taylor (P) - Amanatidis - free agent Also had Bebe on loan on the bench as an impact sub.
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