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  1. Theres a new patch 20.2.0 - says theres performance fixes! Can't test at the moment but will when im home
  2. Yeah for sure. Just hoping this method stays working until they solve it haha. It will do for now though.
  3. The only skin that seems to solve the problem for me is https://www.fmscout.com/a-material-skin-fm20.html
  4. Nice find mate well done. Downloading a skin definitely makes it smooth again. But obviously would rather use the default ones. Nice we can get more of a pinpoint for SI on where the problem lies (i hope this does help) being a dev myself I know how frustrating sorting these things out can be.
  5. For me the match itself has been running at a lower fps since the later stages of the beta
  6. Ah okay thanks for replying. I only play on 2D and the lag isn’t huge but it’s definitely not as smooth as it was for me about a week or so ago
  7. Match engine is stuttery for me, I play in 2D classic but can definitely notice its not going as smooth as it was for me about a week or so ago when i last played
  8. My match engine is a bit stuttery too... Its not 15fps bad but it was buttery smooth about a week ago and now i can definitely notice some drops
  9. Is anybody having issues with matches being stuttery/lower frame rate? Ran fine for me in the beta from what I could tell but today i notice more stuttering.
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