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  1. Is there a part of the game which is not completely bugged? Even such a basic thing as statistics is messed up. It tells you that guy who shoots into empty net is not in a CCC. After the patch, wingers are useless, no crossing. Goalkeepers are ******** and instead of catching the ball they will rather pass it to opp attacker. But when it comes to shots they catch literally everything in their hands. Strong shot from 5 metres? No problem, their gloves are glued. Corners are 60% of highlights. Woodwork is hit like 3 times per game. Free kick is taken from place where foul was not committed. Time after time, 100% CCC are missed. Long shots end up 50 yards above goal 95% of time. Players love to run straight into opposition players. Counter attacks execution even on top level looks like when I play with my friends after work. Guy is free on the keeper but instead shoots from 20 yards. You set very deep defensive line and defenders stand 10 yeards in fron of penalty box while opposition happily exploits the space behind you. Plyers are world champions in chipped bals. And so on and so on and so on.
  2. The ball looks like it is filled with helium, anyone shares this observation? the ball physics is just weird
  3. Developers already acknowledged in bugs forum there were too many red cards.
  4. So i play against Arsenal as Man city. I create 5 CCC, Aguero is four times one on one against their keeper, every time he literally pases the ball straight to keeper´s chest. I lose 3 - 0. They score from first second and fifth shot. I score zero. I replay the game, same tactics, same team talk - i skip it and I am completely dominated by the same line up that I overplayed right from the first whistle. I dont have a single shot on target and I have 35% possession. How can there be such a dramatic change? Why is finishing of one on ones so poor? Pathetic match engine it is.
  5. I responded to comment which was suggesting that players miss chances because poor tactics and that it is the way the game tells you something is wrong. I said that if it is the case then it is wrong and it shoudl not be called football manager because this is not how football works.
  6. Please, read once again the comment i was responding to and think again.
  7. I don´t believe that this is the case and if it really works this way, then it this game should not be called football manager.
  8. Its been asked a few times but is here someone who can tell me whether the demo will get the update? i want to see how the latest ME update ooks before I commit any money into this game. I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you.
  9. I think Iam constructive, Iam criticizing the game´s poor depiction of football, its a football game after all. I would like to hear from SI if they acknowldege that there are issues with finishing because its quite possible they are happy with it.
  10. Is this some kind of joke? I just had 17 shots off target and 1 on target. 14 Shots were from inside penalty box. I thought SI said they would tweak the shooting. This is beyond ridiculous and Iam still seeing way too many CCC but they are almost never converted since you only score from croses and corners in this game.
  11. So should I upload my entire save or how should i proceed? Examples of non realistic finishing are in every game I have played so far.
  12. It´s nice to see that Iam not the only one who has major issues with pathetic finishing which has already ruined the game for me Iam not willing to play a game where I KNOW my player just wont score when he is one on one etc. It´s also funny because when i raised this ussie here I was sarcastically ridiculed by one moderator, as usual.
  13. Can someone from SI tell me if they are going to do something about defenders backing off, too many shots and chances and absolutely schocking finishing? I´ve seen at least 30 one on ones vs keeper and I dont remebr a goal being scored from it. Its pretty sad actually.
  14. The game looks promising but is it just me or players are poor in 1vs1 situation against goalkeeper? They either run straight into him or shoot from 25 yards. Its ridiculous and there seem to be too many clear cut chances and of course 90% of them are squandered. Also why cant i instruct my Deep playmaer to hold or not hold up ball? The instruction is greyed out. Also i cant instruct my winger to cross more often, am i missing something?
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