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  1. Very few natural WMs in FM. So I've been thinking, who should you look to convert? CMs who are B2B for their workrate or FB/WBs for their crossing/defense? I'm leaning towards FBs as they already have a side preference vs having to develop one. Thinking for a 442.
  2. I'm with Grade. SI supports/includes any of this ESL or teams in whatever version of the game in the future it may be, I'm done as a customer.
  3. I've decided I'm tired of Wingers and want to "regress" (heh) to a different kind of defensive football with the 4-4-1-1 formation. Thus, I'd like your input on some theory-crafting I'm doing. When I think about defensive football, I think two banks of four. Gives good coverage on the pitch and naturally can give 8 players behind the ball while still giving you an outlet on a counter if you win the ball back. From the FM tactic builder, this sounds like Catenaccio to a-T. I also want to play through the center for the most part. Plenty of one-two passes, working our way into a scoring position. I'm also using a Cautious mentality to help with defensive structure as well as not trying to over-extend and get caught out. So here is my formation with roles and my explanation for why: My back line is pretty straight-forward: Two fullbacks in a supportive role (maybe defensive? - don't want to be too stagnant with lots of defensive roles) with my two Center Halves as CDs (maybe one as a BPD to get the ball to the DLP/B2B). A nice, flat back four. My midfield line is also pretty straight-forward: Both left and right MFs as Wide Midfielders in a support role (both sides have Run Wide with Ball and Stay Wider). I don't want them bombing forward to the goal line and leaving the defense exposed or cutting in and crowding the midfield, so I don't have them "Get Farther Forward" or "Cut In From Sideline". Crossing isn't emphasized or de-emphasized, but I have them aim at the Center. For the 2 CMs, one is a B2B to give me movement from defense to offense and is paired with a DLP(D) to play as deep creator/defensive cover. I want my B2B to contribute to the attack and defense while using the DLP(D) as someone to pick out the players in the attack with unlocking passes and killer balls as well as recycling possession and helping break up counters and attacks. My CAM is an AM(A) as I want him to move into channels and be a scoring threat more than a creative threat. I want him to function almost as a second striker (I'm not sure if I want an AM(A) or a SS(A) as the SS sounds exactly like what I want). My Striker is a TM(S). The idea is that he can be the physical presence needed to hold up the ball as well as play on to balls over the top as the system is more of a direct pass system, something where once the ball is won back, we can play it to him and then use his strength to play the others in.
  4. Romario Baro - Portuguese B2B CM. Picked him up for my United team and he's pretty great at only 19 years old. $46.5m USD.
  5. Another thought -would I be better off with a DM and a CM rather than the two CM? I would think that might have me playing more vertically than horizontally and possibly compromise the shape I'm looking for.
  6. I was thinking of having the defensive direct-counter for away and vs bigger teams and then a positive fluid-counter attack for home and games we should win.
  7. I was mostly focusing on formation/structure/roles rather than taking a deep-dive on the "how we play" aspect - I didn't take a screen shot after I modified that bit. I'm thinking the CM(S) is going to be crucial to our play as they're going to have to get forward and back for defense - hence wondering if I want a BBM instead with a CM(D) or DLP(D). I just want to make sure at this juncture that roles and positioning looks doable.
  8. Figured I was done with playing United for a while and wanted to give my #2 side a run in FM19. Also because I figured they might be better built to play the 5-2-3 Wide WB that I'd like to give a go. The idea is it's a 3-4-3 in the way that it plays, but it's structured with 3 CB, 2 WB, 2CM, 2AML/R and 1ST. CWB(S) function as the Left and Right Midfielders as well as put in crosses and defend. The AMR/L are the extra forwards, both playing as IF(A or S?) with a DLF(S) or TM(S) in the striker position. Center Mids are a DLP(D) and a... CM(S) or BBM(S). Center Defenders are two BPD(D) and the central one is a CD(C). Keeper is a SK(S). What kind of template suits this kind of play? I'm thinking Direct Counter.
  9. Glad to see my content is providing amusement years down the road. lol
  10. Yeah, I've not played a lot of 19 simply because it's seemed broken. So I'm trying to transition a 4-4-2 that worked well in FM18 into a 4-4-1-1 that utilizes the AM to function in FM19.
  11. My mistake - I was just posting that as a template for the formation. This is more like what I'm going to utilize - I'm just trying to figure out how to get the AM involved rather than played-around.
  12. LMFAO I'm sorry - I meant DLP(S) not DLF - typo on my part.  I picked up Joao Felix, Chiesa and de Ligt (my DoF went and got Aaron Ramsay). So I'd be playing Chiesa as the W(S) on the right, Martial as the IW(A), Felix as the AM(T) and Rashford as the DLF(S). Currently looking at Pogba as a BBM(S) on the right and either Fred/Ramsay as DLP(D) on the left. I'd also gone with Vertical Tiki-taka. Lemme get a screenshot for ya.
  13. I want to play a 4-4-1-1. I'm playing as Manchester United. Here's what I want to accomplish: 1. I'm going to have Martial as an IW(A) on the left and someone else as a W(S) on the right. The guy on the right is going to play in crosses while Martial is going to attack the defense and look for passes/score. I want my Striker (probably Rashford as an AF(A)) and Attacking Midfielder to be available for passes and scoring. 2. I'm using Pogba as either a DLF(S) or AP(S) (whichever will work best). I want the Striker and Attacking Midfielder to find spaces for scoring as well as Martial cutting in from the left to either overload and draw a defender or to get into space to make a run at the net. How would I best accomplish this? Essentially, I want to create a formation where my CM can interact with my W/AM/ST players and have any/all of them score.
  14. Just finished a match against Atletico Madrid in the Champion's League. I just can't shake the feeling something is off in the ME.
  15. I'm really beginning to wonder if I've run into an exploit or something of the ME. I mean, holy crap. I've been dominating every single match - and this one we scored 4 goals in the first half. I did change the IWs to a Support role and they were much more inclined to pass around the box than take shots. Next match I'm going to also include the Work Ball Into Box TI and see what that does.
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