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  1. Striker & Defender needed

    Try for Andrea Pinamonti in Italy or even Patrick Cutrone.
  2. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Talk about an epic end to the season! With 5 matches left, I was in first place over Barcelona by one point. My last 5 games were against Malaga, Levante, Athletico Madrid, Cordoba and Leganes. Cordoba and Leganes are 19th and 20th while Malaga was 5th, Levante was 9th and Athletico was 4th. 3 of my last 5 were away games. First game against Malaga was level in the 84th minute after their striker netted a hat-trick. Then off a set piece, my young stud 18yr old CB headed home the winner. WHEW. Bacelona also won their game, so I retained my 1 point lead. Next game against Levante we were winning until the 79th minute when they leveled the game and we couldn't scrape back a go-ahead. Barcelona drew their game against Real Hispalis! Game three was against Athletico Madrid IN Madrid. It's the 87th minute and I'm losing 3-2. I had a bad feeling about this game from the get go - then out of nowhere, Pinamonti scores the equalizer! I'm stunned! Athletico Madrid even converted two penalties! And then in stoppage time, the 90th minute, Paulinho drives a stake through Athletico's hearts and nets me the winner! This result mathematically eliminated Athletico from the Title race. So now it's down to me and Barcelona - AND BARCELONA LOSE!!! Of all the teams to beat them, they lost to the City to my United - Coruna! 2-1 my bitter rivals defeated Barcelona! I'm now up 4 points with two games left - I could clinch the Title against Cordoba! With goals from PInamonti, Deulofeu and Paulinho, we beat Cordoba 3-1 and Barcelona LOSE AGAIN to Sevilla with a 5-2 thumping! It's official! CELTA VIGO ARE LA LIGA VICTORS!!! We then finish out the season at home vs Leganes and win a drab match 1-0. So, the final standings are... And to add to the intrigue, I get this notification. How exciting is that??? Oh man, I could really compete at the highest level with a little more financial backing - for instance, my back line is pretty terrible. I think the only reason we're doing as well as we are is because I've got Pinamonti and others who can carry the load by scoring in bunches and bunches. Speaking of Pinamonti... What else can I say about this guy? He's just incredible. And Paulinho?... Total monster pairing with Pinamonti. These two are just viscious in front of net together. Cutrone, unfortunately, spent a decent amount of time injured and didn't play as much as I'd have liked. Still good stats while he played, but I think I might sell him off to make room next year for one of my youths who is making waves in the lower levels - or I might just loan my youth out and keep Cutrone and see if I can get even more from him next year. Thanks for following along folks! EDIT: And in the SNUB OF THE CENTURY, somehow Messi wins Spanish Player of the Year with Pinamonti finishing second and Paulinho third. Unbelievable. Messi played 31 games, scored 19 goals and had 4 assists with an average rating of 7.72. Pinamonti played 34 games, scored 34 goals, had 17 assists and an average rating of 7.90 (a new La Liga RECORD). How in the world do you give that award to Messi over PInamonti??? Hell, Paulinho had 22 goals and 14 assist and a 7.58 average rating. Unbelievable.
  3. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    I've just reached the end of the winter transfer window in my Celta Vigo save, so I thought I'd give a bit of an update for you folks. We are currently leading La Liga by one point. Not bad, especially with our healthy goal differential. As you can see, Pinamonti is still just absolute beast-mode for me. Averages more than 1 goal/game! Paulinho, my Brazilian wonderkid, is also knocking them in at quite the clip! Cutrone, unfortunately, is having a helluva time staying healthy. Currently he's almost ready to come back after 7 weeks of shin splints. You can also see we're not playing anything particularly special when it comes to our formation. Just a 4-4-2. With Serge Gnabry and Deulofeu on the wings, the exploit wings is a must. I just can't say enough about Pinamonti. By far and away the best pickup I've ever made on any save, ever. He's just finished learning Power Shot PPM (along with Move Into Channels and is currently learning Break Offside Trap), so I'm hoping I start seeing him knock in some absolute stunners in the near future. Paulinho has also been quite the revelation - he's quite a good aerial threat in the box with a surprising number of goals coming off headers. So, once we get to the end of the season, I'll provide you good folks with another update.
  4. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Andrea Pinamonti. Absolute STUD. I picked him up for $17m after the bigger clubs ransacked my team after the first season. Guy is absolutely lights-out in La Liga. I've been playing him as an Advanced Forward next to a False 9 in Patrick Cutrone in a 4-4-2. Pinamonti got injured at the end of the first season, so I went out and picked up Patrick Cutrone for $35m after Iago Aspas was poached.
  5. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    The 2019 season for Celta Vigo draws to a close - and it was a close one! We were four points back of the title spot with two games to go - unfortunately we drew and lost (to our bitter rivals on decision day - 2-1 and we had an own goal...). So we ended up in 3rd place with 73 points. We lost to Chelsea in the Euro Cup semi-final (3-2 on aggregate) and lost in the Spanish Cup semi-final as well. As you can see, Andrea Pinamonti was far and away the stand-out player this year. Spanish League Golden Boot winner at 19 years old. Wow! He didn't win Best Player though - finished second to Ronaldo (dunno how... even had a higher average rating than Ronaldo). Deulofeu ended up with 13 assists this year - tied for most in the league. Cutrone is one I'm torn on. I'm going to keep him and playing the 4-4-2, but do I want him as a False 9 or a Deep Lying Forward (S)? He's got good vision and passing, but he's also good at scoring - something I want to keep him doing. Should I have him work as a False 9 then? Especially since I don't play with an AM? Deulofeu had a rocky season - mostly because I couldn't decide on which formation I wanted to use. I started with Scholes Can't Tackle 4-1-2-3, which I worked pretty well in as an AMR. But with Pinamonti and Cutrone, I REALLY wanted to work a 2-striker system, so I resolved to retrain him as MR Winger. Through constant belly-aching that he was over-worked though he was only training as MR W, he finally grasped the position and started to turn things around. At one point I had him on the Transfer List but nobody wanted him - he also was promised we'd make the Champions League or else he could leave - so us landing 3rd place enabled me to renegotiate his contract and slap a $70m release clause on him. I also renegotiated Pinamonti and Cutrone's contracts and put a $90m on Pinamonti and $120m on Cutrone - if anyone comes sniffing, they're going to pay dearly for them. Bad news is I only got $9.25m in transfer money for the off-season. -sigh- Not much - and the only real place I was looking to shore up was CD. Unfortnately, good CDs don't come cheap at all. So, I head into the off-season with high-hopes and anxious to see what next year brings!
  6. FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    This kid is an absolute STUD. I've NEVER seen a U19 score these many goals!!! He scored 9 goals in one game!
  7. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    As someone who has played numerous Celta Vigo saves (and am currently playing one right now), I can tell you that the team, with the right tactic, can over perform like you wouldn't believe. I used the "Scholes Can't Tackle" 4-1-2-3 off the Steam Workshop for the first season and managed to finish 5th in the league. The main problem you run into after a successful season like that is everyone wants your players and you don't have the budget to keep them. For instance, in the off-season I lost: Aspas, Jonny, Hernandez, Sisto and a few others. The GOOD news about that is you can typically get good money for them. Sisto went to Man City for his full release clause, Aspas went to Tottenham for his release clause, Jonny went to PSG for his release clause, etc. So you do get a good chunk of money to re-invest into the team. Thanks to that, I picked up the likes of Andre Andre, Andrea Pinamonti, Patrick Cutrone, Jesus Vallejo (cheap and on the transfer list), Dani Ceballos (transfer listed), Gerard Deulofeu (transfer list), Rafa Silva (transfer list), Rodri, Unal Lopez (I think that's his name?... MC(AP)). This season Pinamonti is on fire with 12 goals in the league at the Christmas Break, that's good enough for 2nd behind Ronalodo with 14. Cutrone was out for like... 3 months with a spinal injury. Andre Andre has been stellar (if he can stay healthy). Now that Cutrone is back, I've switched to a 4-4-2 as I really want those two strikers out there banging in goals. Cutrone hasn't quite found his form yet after returning from his spinal injury, so I'm just waiting. Currently we sit 3rd in the League behind Barcelona and Atheltico Madrid (I think). So we're definitely in the running for a Champion's League spot if we can stave off too many big injuries and keep our form. We've also made it out of the Group stage in the Euro Cup after finishing second behind Inter (who just lambasted us both games). Next up is leg two of the Spanish Cup semi-final against Barcelona. They beat us 1-0 at home in the first leg. Not good but if history holds, we're in luck - we went into the away leg of the Quarter Final against Athletico with the same score and won 3-0 in their building to secure passage. No shortage of excitement in La Liga!
  8. Amazing goalscorer

    I'm currently in love with Andrea Pinamonti. Picked him up for $16m for my Celta Vigo side and he's been lights-out amazing as both a paired striker and solo in a 442/4123.
  9. Often at the beginning of a season, we're faced with the dilemma of who we are going to have play what position. Sometimes it's the young gun trying to break into the first team against the veteran. Sometimes it's the new transfer trying to make his mark against the established team starter. So forth and so on. Personally, I find friendly matches to be a bore and chore, so I delegate them to my assistant manager (along with other tasks I consider tedious). To this end, I would LOVE to have a mechanic in the game for selecting Position Battles. The way this would work is in the pre-season, you are presented with an option to have up to three Position Battles. What you would then do is select up to three players per battle and have your scouts/assistants/etc collect the stats for these players in the pre-season friendlies and during camp. These players would be told they are going to be battling for the starting spot, so give their best. With dynamics, you may get some push-back from the veteran or current starter telling you they're good enough and shouldn't have to fight for it, incurring a penalty to their happiness which, if they retain their spot at the end of pre-season, they would regain it. Similarly, the young gun vying for his chance may incur a happiness bonus at being given a chance to fight for his first-team spot. With the new dynamics system, anything is possible - even something along the lines of the veteran being told he's fighting for his spot could light a fire under them and drive them to succeed and play better. Etc. When the coach comes to you to set-up these position battles, you could tell them to play one in the first half and the other in the second. Or you could have them play full-games each. Or some combination there-of. Once the pre-season is over and you're looking to finalize your roster, you would receive this Position Battle report where you would get a per-game stat breakdown for each player in the battle. With requisite happiness bonuses/penalties once you inform those players in the Position Battles on the outcome. The whole point of this is to make it a bit simpler to get the kind of stats you would want while emulating a method that coaches use in the real world and enhancing the current game. Thank you for your consideration!
  10. Does this help the development of a player? I have Patrick Cutrone on my Vigo team and his Idol is Van Persie. So I got Van Persie as a coach. Will this help Cutrone develop as a player?
  11. FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    I've never tried one simply because I remember the Sweeper/Libero role was bugged and I never checked to see if it was fixed or not.
  12. FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    I just got my first season regens for my Celta Vigo save and when I saw this guy, I just about shat myself... Oh my word. 15 years old and he's already a Sr. Team 2-star rating!!! Look at that determination and a 14 for decisions already!!! Work rate a 14 and tackling a 15! Even comes with the "Looks to pass rather than score" PPM. At 5'9", I will not be training him as a CD - I think a DM Roaming Playmaker sounds up his alley! What would you guys train him to be?
  13. FM18: Wide Midfielders

    Since I didn't specify, I'm playing as Celta Vigo. Appreciate your folks input! I'm now working on a 4-1-4-1/Counter formation so I'm going to use an IW(A) on the left and a W(S) on the right with FB(S) on both sides. But to answer the question up the page a bit - yes, I wanted the WM to have a more cohesive and defensive/compact 4-4-2 formation.
  14. FM18: Wide Midfielders

    Thanks for the input folks - appreciate it!