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  1. Not to different with how I play in terms of the setup. As others have said though with the short passing, low line of engagement then I can see how you might struggle to score goals. I usually play on standard LoE and Standard back line and always start with a defensive mentality as feel the tactic is heavy up top. Passing I try and use standard and less dribbling. In transition I always use regroup because as soon as we lose the ball I want my team to get back into their defensive shape. I will use counter if I feel the team I’m playing against are quite slow in pace. As a m
  2. You say you have 2 good strikers, why are they good? What makes them good in your view? you had 1 shot in that game, where did it come from. How did it build up to the shot? It’s a start to build on. you play on a positive mentality because you’re one of the top 3 teams in Portugal? We’re you the better team in the game above? I don’t think you’ve taken on board any of the help that’s been offered. You still haven’t even looked at your team and found out what your strengths are and your weaknesses. You won’t improve anything unless you absorb what has been expl
  3. Could it be his attributes? What’s his composure and decisions like? What’s his personality? just trying to think of anything that could affect it.
  4. I also think you’re seeing people have success with a tactic and you think that you will get success with the same tactic. on the tactic you have just posted can you tell me the following please - why have you picked that formation? - why have you picked the roles for each position? - why have you gone for a positive mentality - why have you gone with hit early crosses ask yourself why for everything you set or change and think how it will work, will it conflict, can my players do that
  5. It wasn’t a criticism. I actually think it would be a great thread and something that would be looked at by a lot of people. last thing you want is for something like this stuck at the bottom of someone else’s thread. It wouldn’t get the coverage and replies it deserves. personally I would love to see you start a thread of what you’re talking about and I would keep an eye out for it and would contribute to it
  6. Thing is I still do not know what your strengths are. I don’t know who your players are so it’s impossible to help you unless I know that information. One thing I can say is changing your tactic constantly will 100% not work. Top right hand corner is a thing called tactical familiarity, if your players don’t know your tactic then they won’t be able to apply it on the pitch
  7. To be honest I don’t know your players and squad so no idea. Best thing to do is go into team report then comparison and look what your strengths and weaknesses are. Look how that can be fitted into your formation. Play to your strengths. best thing to do would be start your own thread and put what you have above and then what I mentioned about team comparison and post your findings. That way more people will see it and can comment and follow your journey of your tactic. Otherwise hijacking someone else’s thread you won’t get the response you need.
  8. Honestly? Answer the questions I put above. Sorry if that seems blunt You will only be able to get help if we can get the information that we have asked for. I’m more than happy to help anyone but please understand that there is no magic wand, no set tactic that will win you every game. It’s not like that in the real world and the game is trying to replicate the real world. You need to play to your strengths until you can then make changes to the team how you want to by buying the right players for how you want to play. My tactic for my lower league team will be completely differ
  9. Why do you think higher tempo is better? There is no set rule and it depends on the players. If you have players that have great passing but not decisions they might need a bit more time on the ball. if you have fast paced players with great first touch and you want to get the ball forward fast then a higher tempo might be better. You seem to go to Positve for you mentality? Playing balanced or cautious isn’t a bad thing it all depends on the team you have and are playing? your tactic above you have a high tempo with counter press but your line of engagement i
  10. In the game you lost 6-2 how did you lose that game? How were all 6 goals scored? Literally write down goal 1 and give it a description of how it was scored and which players on your tea, were nearby. This includes if they score with a header, left foot volley etc etc Repeat this for all 6 goals. Then I would write down what I think my players could of done in each of those situations. Are you noticing any patterns? Are assists coming in from crosses, corners, free kicks or are the goals being created through the middle of the pitch whereas someone above has mentioned you might need 2 ho
  11. One thing that you might find helpful is to start with a blank canvas. Choose the tactic you want but literally have no TI. Play the game, watch it on comprehensive and make notes of what you see. After the game look at where the assists were created, who created them. Is it the same players creating. Same with goals against you and also when do you concede? Is it near the end of the game and good it be fatigue. It is truly endless of why it isn’t working and the different combinations of roles and instructions. Once you have done that reload the game to the point before the match. T
  12. Any way you can place a screenshot of your tactic with instructions and roles showing? It’s also hard to tell without knowing the players in the team and their attributes and what the standard is in the league and how your players compare to the league standard etc are you able to post a screenshot of the screen in the game that show how you compare to other teams? I think though from what you have said that it maybe the case that the standard of players have over performed to get you to the level you are. Back to back promotions and feel that it’s a case you have grown too quickly
  13. I've just tried to set it while adding the player to a development list but I must have clicked "Dont show this again" previously, as I normally do it from the main screen as above. Hopefully if the Dev team are looking at it, it will be something that is sorted in a future patch. Thanks Again for getting back to me
  14. Things I would add to this is have this tactic for your home games if it is working but for away games add the exact same tactic in the number 2 slot and tweak a few things. As a start in away games if your losing games then try it with a more cautious mentality for a start. A team like Real, someone said to play on a Positive mentality all the time and to a degree I agree with that. However if the players are not match sharp, low morale, unfamiliar with the tactic then I would 100% not be playing on a positive mentality. I would start with cautious and if the match is progressing how
  15. Thanks for getting back to me as I appreciate you will be busy I will give it a try and let you know as haven't tried it that way, hopefully it will work until a fix comes out.
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