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  1. How has Balotelli been getting on during people's games? Haven't managed him on this one but on FM12 I once signed him for Liverpool were he was brilliant for one season before leading a revolt against me haha (sold him to Newcastle in the championship). Anyone got any career stories about him or where has he ended up in any long saves?
  2. Not sure if this has been said but how about maybe trying to persuade the board to sell the club, especially if you are really struggling financially?
  3. Not sure if its me or not but started a season with Malaga, finished 3rd in LIGA BBV and won the Euro Cup all well and good. However 2nd season in I only signed 3 new players, that I believed would strengthen the side and we have lost 7 of our 1st 9 games. Also the new players have mainly been on the bench or brought in slowly and I even changed up last years successful tactics after 4 straight defeats to my back up tactics and the losses continued. Anyone else had similar or am I just having terrible second season syndrome lol
  4. AC Milan should be an interesting one, like you say they are struggling this season so will be interesting to see how they are on the game, i wonder if Berlusconi will welcome you to the club haha
  5. nice, any potential signings? also what is Liverpools media prediction on FM13?
  6. As we are only 2 hours 50 minutes away has everyone decided who there first file is going to be with? Thinking of Malaga myself, think it will be a good challenge.
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