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  1. Oh, I didn't think it was a problem with the game... I was just wondering if anyone else had had a sequence of matches with freak scorelines like this? I think my biggest annoyance was having a so-called defensive midfielder (Wawra) who had no interest in defending, just spraying thirty yard balls around, taking free kicks and shooting at the slightest opportunity. His other positions include AML and AMC so he obviously has a high opinion of himself. He'd always been a bit like this, but in these matches, he didn't make so much as one tackle or make any effort to help the defence, and in th
  2. Playing FM12, just started my third season with Blau Weiss Linz in Austria. Won promotion to the Bundesliga in first season, finished third from bottom in it last season. For this season, I have been able to sign some pretty good Latin Americans on loans and free transfers, so I was hoping for a better season. In my last pre-season match against a Belgian amateur team, I won 11-0. I didn't learn much from the match, I just wanted to get everyone match fit and in a good mood for... First league game, Sturm Graz away. 3-0 up within 17 minutes, including 2 goals by Guttierez, a new signing.
  3. So, still in my first season at Blau Weiss Linz, and what a position to be in with eight games left -two points clear with a game in hand! I must say, the standard in the Austrian first division has been pretty poor... I've been on a couple of bad runs, but on each occasion, a team meeting seemed to pick up morale again and off we went on a good one. After a terrible 4-1 defeat to St. Polten - a team we seem to perform awfully against - we went on an amazing run, starting with a 6-0 win over LASK, the hated local rivals, that saw their manager, Walter Schachner, sacked straight afterward
  4. Thanks. I'll keep starting him, I only dropped him because he's a big physical player and I was trying to play a different way, but I've found I need a big thudding barstard in the Austrian First Division. Even when he's playing crap he annoys defenders, so hopefully he'll drop it for a bit.
  5. A striker scored two goals for my team in a recent match, I took him off after 70 minutes to keep him fresh and prevent injury for future matches. Ten minutes or so later, we won a corner, and the commentary declared '(Name of subbed player) is taking the match ball home... but it won't coun't'. The goal was disallowed, but the commentary was saying it would have been his hat-trick even though I had just subbed him - and I wasn't waiting for the change to take effect, as I saw the substitution in the commentary bar. Anyone else had this?
  6. I have a striker who, after not featuring at all for 2 months, came to me asking for first team football. I made a promise that he would see more first team action, but would have to work hard to stay there. I played him in the next match, in which he scored two goals. Then I had two league games postponed, so played a friendly against an amateur team, with mainly reserves, and players who needed to improve their match fitness. My striker did not feature in this. I then started him in the next two league games, he didn't play well in either, so I took him off after 60 and 67 minutes respe
  7. Ah, ya see I'm a Manchester City fan, and I used to enjoy being us in old editions, but now with all the money, it's not the kind of game I like to play, with the millionaire superstars. I prefer battling against the odds, and finding players for £20,000 who turn out to be heroes, such as di Blassis from Argentina is for my Blau-Weiss Linz side.
  8. Oh yes, I learnt that LASK Linz swallowed up VOEST Linz in a merger/takeover, and BW was formed by hardcore Voestler fans wanting to continue the traditions of their old club. And so, I was so happy to beat LASK 6-0 in my FM game, it felt like a real triumph!
  9. Can't believe there's not a thread on this already, I have looked? Managing Austrian second division BW Linz, and tonight found myself watching their real life game on the Bet365 site. I recognise all the names because I'm more or less playing with the same squad... in fact, got really annoyed with Poljanec when he missed an easy chance in the real match lol. And got quite excited when Sulimani came on as sub, as he's got 9 goals in 15 matches in my game, but irl... he doesn't seem to be the 'assassin' as described on FM. :o But yeah, getting into Blau-Weiss and their struggle against relega
  10. Doggedly ploughing on the Austrian First (ie Second) division with Blau-Weiss Linz, humiliated 4-1 in an away game, next game up is the Linzer derby against the bigger LASK Linz... their manager Walter Schachner starts slagging me off, saying we don't see 'eye to eye', I never even met the guy! Anyway, won the derby 6-0 and he got sacked immediately after! Mind you, I noticed that the collective morale of his side was abysmal pre-match, so he was probably badmouthing me to take the attention off the fact all his players were probably sick of him!
  11. After a number of, um, computer issues, I have finally got into this game with 2 months of playing as BW Linz, starting June 2011. After my pre-season matches, it occurred to me that the squad was not as bad as the game keeps telling me. I had a solid base of 2 defensive midfielders, Konstantin Wawra and Wolfgang Bubenik; a speedy left winger, Philipp Huspek; a good crosser and dead ball specialist on the right, Svetozar Nikolov. I wanted an attacking midfielder in the centre to cap it all off, and bought the energetic Pablo di Blassis from Argentinian club Gimnasia LP for £20,000, although h
  12. Yep, that was the idea... which would include Bayern Munich and Barcelona, but that's setting my sights a bit high starting with BW Linz! I've got English, French, Belgian and Dutch leagues loaded as well, to keep an eye on Leeds, St Etienne, Anderlecht and Feyenoord, also Argentinian because there are good young players I know from a game I played in their second division... whether any of them would come on loan to the Austrian second division I don't know yet, I had a small outright bid accepted for a Quilmes reserve player I knew and he wouldn't even enter negotiations. Just watched my i
  13. My bizarre aim, over the course of a career, is to restore to glory clubs which took part in the European Champions' Cup in 1974-75, the season in which I was born. Many of the clubs that took part in this competition are still huge names and regular Champions League players - Bayern Munich, Anderlecht, Barcelona... Others have fallen on harder times... FC Magdeburg, Leeds United, Feyenoord, St Etienne, VOEST Linz. So I'm starting with BW Linz, the 'Voestler', who took over the traditions of the defunct VOEST club, and are currently bobbing around in the Austrian Second Division... it coul
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