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  1. Steam server stats http://store.steampowered.com/stats/content/ , unless you live in Antarctica you're grasping for justification. It doesn't matter anyway, I'm sure a mod or former colleague of mine will be along to close this thread as technical support can only be offered for legitimate licensed products.
  2. It's nice to see that your counterfeit copy does not work, stop being a cheapskate scumbag & actually buy legitimate products or do what decent people do when they can't afford something, go without or save up until you have enough money.
  3. It does sound like a bug, if you have a save before loan bids are received can you start a thead in the bugs forum? Thanks
  4. Dirty Harry, I've moved your post to the feedback thread, if you have specific examples of any issues you've mentioned please raise them on a case by case basis in the appropriate bugs sub-fora & they will be reviewed. Thanks.
  5. I will admit that it is easier to do as I watch the full match, I imagine it is okay with comprehensive but that the level of attention required would be difficult when watching extended or key highlights.
  6. I drop my closing down instruction if I feel the opposition will not punish me for it & it can give my players a rest, I will always reduce closing down to default or close down less if I take a 3 goal lead or have a comfortable 2 goal advantage heading into the final 20/25 minutes of a match.It's not just closing down though, tempo, passing style, keeper distribution, team mentality & shape along with player position & instructions all get tweaks to reduce the workload as the match progresses.
  7. It's not an invite based system, the II team are already part of the football pyramid & will be part of the selection pool when the game decides which 3 sides from the regionaliga will be promoted, there are 90 sides competing at level 4 across 5 sub divisions for those 3 places so the probability is not high but Bochum II do have a decent starting rep so it could happen.As ever the bets way to get the most realistic experience in nations that have B/II teams in the lower leagues is to activate those leagues through the use of custom league files.
  8. We've had a number of American's post in LLM with next to no knowledge of soccer & still enjoy the game while learning from their mistakes, over time they even came to appreciate the the real game & are now supporters of their local MLS side as well as becoming regular FM'ers.As Cougar has said an immediate knowledge of football is not required.
  9. Are those player mainly based on Brazil or Spain? As release fees are an automatic requirement of player contracts there is no need to have high scouting knowledge of the player to see the release fee value.
  10. 3 months would equate to 11 or 12 weeks which means at £120K the player is looking for is full contract value to be met which is a logical position for him to take as ending his contract a few months before it's due to expire doesn't benefit him all that much.
  11. A key issue that you need to account for when using real life as an example is that outside of the football world we tend to only hear about deals that are completed, it's very rare to read articles on the times a club enquired about a young player & were quoted a ridiculous fee or simply told the player is not going anywhere. If a club gives you a price that you're not willing to pay just move on to another transfer target or spend the next year or two courting the player so that his value drops as he nears the end of his contract.
  12. If you're managing an English side with a Cat 1 or 2 youth setup the option to not compete in the U21/U18 legues is disabled as participation is a requirement of the youth rating.
  13. There is no quick reference, all you can do is view the injury record of your players.
  14. Your II team is already part of an official competition, in this case Bochum II start the game in Regionaliga West so there is a chance that they could earn promotion to the 3rd division but in the meantime they will be playing simulated regionaliga matches. There is no need to arrange extra friendlies as that will only increase the chances of players in the II team suffering from fatigue due to playing too many matches.
  15. Can you please start a thread in the bugs forum & provide a copy of your save game? This is the only way we can investigate claims of excessive injuries as we have no evidence to support the claim from our internal testing & our own play saves.Thanks
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