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  1. Dirty Harry, I've moved your post to the feedback thread, if you have specific examples of any issues you've mentioned please raise them on a case by case basis in the appropriate bugs sub-fora & they will be reviewed. Thanks.
  2. I will admit that it is easier to do as I watch the full match, I imagine it is okay with comprehensive but that the level of attention required would be difficult when watching extended or key highlights.
  3. I drop my closing down instruction if I feel the opposition will not punish me for it & it can give my players a rest, I will always reduce closing down to default or close down less if I take a 3 goal lead or have a comfortable 2 goal advantage heading into the final 20/25 minutes of a match.It's not just closing down though, tempo, passing style, keeper distribution, team mentality & shape along with player position & instructions all get tweaks to reduce the workload as the match progresses.
  4. We've had a number of American's post in LLM with next to no knowledge of soccer & still enjoy the game while learning from their mistakes, over time they even came to appreciate the the real game & are now supporters of their local MLS side as well as becoming regular FM'ers.As Cougar has said an immediate knowledge of football is not required.
  5. There is no quick reference, all you can do is view the injury record of your players.
  6. Can you please start a thread in the bugs forum & provide a copy of your save game? This is the only way we can investigate claims of excessive injuries as we have no evidence to support the claim from our internal testing & our own play saves.Thanks
  7. If you have a save before they bid for the new CB's can you take the time to start a thread in the bugs forum & upload a copy of the save for us to look at?Cheers.
  8. I'm not seeing any increase in injuries on my save, completed almost an entire season on the current version & there has been no injury crisis. Not sure on red cards, not seen the stats & my players tend to go for the straight red rather than the second booking.
  9. Please raise any instances of 15 year old players asking to talk about getting first team football in the bugs forum, this should not be happening & I've not seen any examples of it on my play save.
  10. His contract does not include a clause stating how many games he will play, all he is doing is trying to increase his importance & is seeking to push you in that direction, he might also think that he has progressed to a level that he deserves a chance at more regular first team football.If you want to take on a more important role at work do you do nothing or ask your boss for a more important role?
  11. Why shouldn't he attempt to get more first team football? He's just asked the question & has accepted the situation when you tell him nothing is going to change.
  12. Noted & if it hasn't been done already I will raise this with the dev team.
  13. We are looking into this issue. Currently the nation data does not have any entry for the average wages in Ukraine so if you have knowledge of wages in the nation please take the time to post in teh Ukraine data thread.Thanks
  14. Have you paid a vist to the T&T forum, all the help you could ever wnat is there.
  15. If you're playing the game in full screen mode this is intended behaviour & as a rule is SOP for most games.
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