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  1. It's really frustrating. My striker has had a 6.40 rating for the past five games and all i can do is talk to him over and over again which doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  2. Keeper made two awful mistakes that led to us losing the game. The exact same mistake each time in fact. Ends the game with a 5.0 rating. I'm understandably mad and try to dock him a week's pay as is my norm for truly awful performances and all I could do was warn him. I haven't been on here a lot in recent weeks so I don't know whether this was a bug or it was taken out. Was it?
  3. They couldn't find a way in all game, so in the 87th minute my keeper parries a weak shot to Stewart Downing who wasn't even in the box when the shot was taken and had managed to ghost past my two cb's who were right there. Of course he scores to tie the game, with their only shot on target all game. I'm done. It's been 2 weeks since release, four if you count the beta period. How are these daft parries still in the game? I can understand the odd flukey goal, but when i see a goal like this at least once every four games it starts getting ridiculous. My keeper has 16 handling ffs, he shouldn't have hands this flappy.
  4. This gave me a real laugh, thanks for that. I'll admit i was a bit frustrated when I posted.
  5. I said nothing about him not being allowed to score, my problem is with the manner of the goal and the foot with which he scored the goal. He had also been playing extremely poorly before he scored. I was playing defensively as we were a man down. They had also failed to create any clear cut chances all game, Deandre was surrounded by three of my defenders when he took the shot.
  6. 4-0 up 87 minutes in, defense had looked good all game, was thinking maybe I'd finally get a clean sheet for once. Hahahahah, fm says no! 88th minute Deandre Yedlin of all people pops up and places one to my keeper's top left with his left foot. Deandre Yedlin, he of the 8 finishing and 9 technique blasts one in while being blanketed by my defenders, with his weaker foot. Bear in mind that he is listed as Right only, he only stands on his right foot ffs! wth is this crap? Every single time some "lucky" ******* pops one in in the dying minutes of the game either to equalize or deny my keeper his clean sheet. Last game it was Josh McEachran rifling one in from 30 yards in the 85th minute. Someone please tell me it's not just me. Someone else has to be seeing this sort of crap right?
  7. Happened to me earlier against Southamptopn, lost 6-2. Five of the eight goals in the match were from crosses and two more from near post crosses. Don't get me wrong, defensive play has improved, It's just dry dog **** now whereas before it was fresh, stinky bat guano.
  8. Daft near post crosses are still in. Playing the likes of everton is beyond painful.
  9. I'm actually really enjoying this. I hope you continue.
  10. I haven't played for a month or so now, mostly because i was fed up with all the corners. I can already here people lining up to say "It's your tactics", It probably is, but regardless of tactics 27 corners iin one game is way too high, I watch the game on comprehensive and three out of every 5 replays are corners. Watching the majority of the game has become tedious and predictable and if i wanted tedious and predictable I'd spend more time in my Chem lab. First touch is also very broken, barring my central defenders and my left winger, every other player i start with has a first touch of at least 16, yet controlling a short 5 yard pass is way too hard for them. I'm not sure if this merely coincidental or not, but Nicusor Stanciu who is my player with the highest first touch rating(19) is the one I've noticed give the ball away more than any other. For those quoting 50k as a good number, I remember FM12 at the same point a few years ago consistently having 113k+ any time i checked, which i admit does not actually mean anything. Also, a good number of people, myself included, simply leave the game running. It's been running without me touching it for about three weeks now in my case.
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