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  1. With the overview of how I ended up here at Sheffield out the way, we can now press on with my ideas and thoughts for the new season. As a side note, i realise that this may come across as rather hodgepodge and to be fair, you wont be too wrong in that assessment, I apologise for the layout , I am trying to get these thoughts down whilst I still have them. First up is the introduction to my KAM's or Key Attribute Markers. Taken from the Rashidi's excellent information about Club DNA and the run through of TIPS and all the other acronyms that he goes into, I have decided that I need
  2. Overview Hello and welcome to my first post in a while and its an ambitious one too! I have recently struggled with finding THE save that I can sink my teeth in, so I started a save as unemployed and before I knew it, Sheffield United lost their Manager (he moved to a different club, he wasnt fired) and found themselves bottom of the table. I used to hold out for Villa to become available or to see if a big team would take a chance on me and allow me to jump in right at the top. I took a look at Sheffield and thought, "this could be the save for me to sink my teeth in"
  3. Thank you for all the comments and advice. I have somewhat changed the tactic based on advice so i will post an update tonight/tomorrow morning. Depending on how it goes i my do a thread devoted to building my club around this tactic.. need to come up with a snazzy name now!
  4. Essentially I have been ruminating on this 'tactical idea' for the past few iterations of FM; it now seems like this could be the best version to try to implement my idea given the tactical/training overhaul that has occurred in this years version.... so here goes. What goes on in my head This is essentially the shape I have quasi-decided on: What I would like is for the F9 to drop deep and essentially create opportunities for the RMD and the (L)CM- whose Individual instructions are to essentially get further forward, roam, dribble more, etc. (essen
  5. I would like to see more recogniation of thw consequences too. For example, instead of just terminating the contract as it currently is in game. I would like to see a dialouge about it instead. The options could be: Wage is too high Culling of the squad Contract runs out at the end of the year and we will not be renewing it/and no plans to be in the team during the laat year Gross misconduct (example above)
  6. Hey all! I was hoping that I could get some feedback about my tactic. I am looking for any ares you all see where I could be exposed. I have done very well with this tactic given the team I am and their expectations, Stoke City. This is the tactic as I have it now. And this is my squad: and my results: I suppose I also have the choice of, if it aint broke, dont fix it and see how I end up doing this coming season with some investment in the squad. Although, I am also tempted to just keep that
  7. I think a DLF would pair quite well with a poacher. Either that of a F9?
  8. I think so. David Silva in one of my saves moaned about missing Spain and not being able to adjust.
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