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  1. "Two files failed to validate and will be re-acquired" - ran it again and all files there. Re-loaded, and the option is there. No more being happy with the "soccer" played. Phew! Thanks Neil, awesome customer service
  2. Hi, Hope someone can help with something that I don't think is a bug and more because I've clicked something I shouldn't. My game has suddenly gone into English (US) and I can't seem to get it into British. I've gone into Preferences, and it's definitely not in the list. I've checked my computer's regional settings and that shows me as United Kingdom; I've even checked Steam which only has an option for English and doesn't seem to regionalise. I've also checked for any startup options and I have none. I'm completely at a loss, anyone got any ideas as to what I've done?
  3. I failed the Stockport interview when I demanded they upgraded the youth facilities! Ended up at Afan Lido, and had a great first couple of years building the club into a Welsh force. TNS are bloody hard to beat, but I did it :)I doubt a career with Stockport would have been half as fulfilling.
  4. Wind Direction? Sounds like a rubbish tribute group...
  5. Snap! (Although I was Automatic Experience, but same thing!)
  6. They've said there's one skin in the game, not dark or light - the FM13 skin. They've said it changes colour dependent on situation. Why can't (some) people understand this?
  7. For release it won't be any scenario, if it's missed the data lock like the other thread suggests
  8. In the UK, our new games release day is a Friday (most of the time).
  9. Exactly - to paraphrase an age old argument on this board, it's Football Manager - not Football match-watcher. The graphical representation of the match engine is the last thing I'm bothered about, it's how I get to that point that's important, and the blogs have been great for this.
  10. Well I've tried telling the wife I'm going to be resting her for the next few weeks but she's asked for a transfer...
  11. I think it's one of those adverts where the marketing types can pat themselves on the back thinking how great it is, with lots of hidden messages and style making up the whole. But for the average punter, it just looks a mess. The best marketing teams know how to straddle the line - I'm quite proud that the place I work for's advert has never appeared in Digital Spy's "Worst Adverts" thread. Not sure this will get that distinction...
  12. All this and a beta too - thanks VERY much again, Ackter!
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