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  1. Hi All

    I sent a PM to Neil Brock at si asking for the following and he said to post this here!!!!

    this would be a simple bit of code to assign id`s to Cups in the club overview screen as seen below , the community can do the work on finding the pictures and assigning and id like ADD PLAYER ,,,THIS WOULD TRANSLATE TO ADD CUP ID IN THE PRE GAME EDITOR


    "can you give me a definitive answer why SI wont implement this in the club overview screen showing exact trophies for each country , it cant be that hard for SI to implement this like club logo`s , player faces etc

    it would be great if SI can give us the option id say the community will do the work with the editor !!! all it needs is for SI to give us the option in the editor to assign id`s to trophies so they show in the club overview screen like below (as you can see with the mod it shows the English trophies for the Portuguese League because you can only replace the default trophies with 7 trophies) , there is a mod you can get see pic below , and the community can do the rest ???:applause:;):D

    kind regards


  2. hello All

    There has been request after request about ID`ing the trophies from each region like Facepacks etc i would like to ask SI what is the reason why it is so hard to code this , and not the Facepacks ,Club Logos etc

    i know you can change 9 trophies with a mod , but those will show up for each league around the world ???

    would love if the community would get together and ask SI to allow us to code the trophies in the Editor???:applause:

  3. @ - Neil Dejyothin

    Not so much of a bug Neil , But a Request before the actual game comes out for us Skinners !!

    Would it be possible to assign ID`s to each Cup so we can get real photos of trophies just like Real Player Faces and Club Crests ???

    Second of all some of us still like playing 2d classic , the graphics ( Goals/Nets , Pitch`s , Sidelines Bench`s) are plain terrible !!!

    would love to see these in a future patch !!:applause:

  4. This Football Manager is very disappointing.First of all SI seem to have adopted the Apple approach to things , eeking out the features every year , this is simply an update to FM2013 in every aspect.

    There is still the shoddy ME , Lacklustre U21/U18 squads with little or no Interaction , The Board have granted your request to upgrade the youth Facilities ??? what are they upgrading ??? it seems to have no effect on my youth players coming through ?

    Feeder teams seem to produce no, or at least 1 wonder-kid youth player ? Thought this year you could arrange a meeting with the director of your parent club about inquiring about potential players to get on Loan ??

    The New team/director meetings are a nice touch for about a day until you get bored with the same lines over and over again:rolleyes:

    Im afraid SI this is a total disappointment to be honest , I am extremely bored already with FM2014 , It needs a radical overhaul its beginning to get like a Maths textbook in school that gets a revised edition each year:o

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