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  1. This happens to me pretty much every FM, usually because I'm just trying to import a tactic from last years, but what usually saves it for me is either a) Remove all tactical instructions and just set to the formation I want and then turn up the highlight frequency and tweak based on what I see. or b) read some of the "bloggier" posts on the tactics forum on the formation I want to use and try and understand their success. In my current game I'm using a modified version of the Thames Ironworks (I think Herne?) but it's pointless to just transplant it as Birmingham City don't have their players. There's usually some good analysis on what the shouts do in their system and you can cheery pick the shouts and roles that do/don't suit your style. Hope you get something to work, it's worth the time when it does (as I'm sure we're all familiar with )
  2. I bought a new core from Celtic of O'Connell, Ajer and Dembele which was my whole budget, but solid as I'm sure you'll attest Built something similar with a Standard mentality and nearly kept out champions Spurs and won convincingly at Goodison, so looks like it's working!
  3. Thanks for this, I've been looking for some guidance on a 442 for my Birmingham City game when we've just been promoted but I've had to resort to plug and play tactics which feels like cheating and I hate playing with more than 10 instructions! Are there any changes you'd specifically make for a newly promoted team? My media prediction is 19th as probably half the team is the one I started with, which was predicted 10th in the Championship. I usually default to Cleons Art of Counter Attacking 4-1-4-1 but wanted to try something different. Either way, I'll read it and build something, although got the top 6 in a row next so not expecting much.....!
  4. I'm no expert, and you certainly seem more tactically clued up than me, but in my experience the 2 CWBs and 2 WMs on Attack Duty will be exposed in this years engine. What I've had some success with is, particularly on a high pressure tactic, is to lower the defender's Closing down and set them to tight marking. The match engine seems to favour early crosses to the far post, and full backs often lose their man in the 6 yard box without these PIs. It also stops the DCs drifting out early in an opponents attacking move, and means they're more likely to be in position to head away
  5. I'm no expert but I've been reading this forum for years and I'm having success with 4-4-2. Predicted 16th but currently top of the Championship with a third of the season left Control, Structured GK d FB-s CB-d Cb-d WB-s W-a DLP-d BWM-s WM-a F9 AF More Direct Work ball into box Clear ball to flanks Run at defence Get stuck in Higher Tempo Both strikers on close down much more Works brilliantly on the counter but you need pace in the wingers and strikers.
  6. The more attacking MC is a tricky one, the description of the AP(s) sounds like what I'm looking for, although he does seem to hold it up sometimes on the break. Perhaps a BWM(s)? Regarding the TIs, I interpret Work Ball into box to just reduce long shots, when I take it off the players shoot when they're too far from the goal, when a pass into space to the flanks would work better. For Play out of defence, when I take it off the defenders hoof it and it comes straight back as none of my strikers have particularly good aerial ability, maybe there's a better way to achieve what I'm looking for?
  7. Hi guys, I'm trying to restore my beloved Birmingham City to the promised land but it's proving pretty tough with no money and a predicted final position of 22nd in the Championship. In terms of personnel, there's no money available at all, but I can summarise the squad as follows Strengths -Fast wingers, hard working, defensive MCs -Relatively high work rate, strength, teamwork, first touch Weaknesses -No AMCs or creative MCs, slow strikers -Defenders weak in the air As many a manager has found out, we like to see 2 up top at our club. As I have the worst passers in the league, a possession game is out of the question, and so to make use of my strengths, I've decided to try a Counter Pressing 442 Metality - Control Fluidity - Structured Formation left to right GK(d) FB(s) LD(d) LD(d) FB(s) ----------- WM(a) - I have a couple of MLs with good shooting ability AP(s) DLP(d) - My thinking here was that this was get faster transitions to attack if they win it back W(s) -------------- AF(a) DF(s) Instructions -Work ball into box - Trying to avoid long shots -Play out of defence - The hoof and hope wasn't working out, so this was an attempt to get them to play it along the floor -Run at defence - An essential for wide -Close down more - High work rate team, playing to my strengths -Get stuck in - Tried it out and haven't picked up many cards so why not The problem I'm only a point away from the relegation zone with 18 games to go. I keep dropping points against teams around me, although I'm doing well against the better teams For example - I've beaten Norwich, Cardiff, Derby, but lose to the bottom 3 e.g. Blackpool, Rotherham. It's not even close, usually by 2 or 3 goals, which has dragged me back into the dogfight. I find in these games I dominate possession but I'm wary of going direct in case it all breaks down I'm conceding slightly more than I'm scoring, although I know with the Adventurous mentality it's inevitable given my low standing. Any way to concede less (particularly from wide) without losing the intensity/attacking threat? It's been hit and miss so far and it's game over if I go down, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I play a similar system with ___________GK __________L -A _______DC____DC CWB-A_________CWB_A ______CM-D__CM-S __________AP-A _______TM-S___AF_A It's working ok, the TM is excellent in his role but he's scoring all the goals. The AF-A goes on lengthy goal droughts. I'm wondering if he's in the correct role. I play a short passing, high pressing game, with everyone else scoring except him!
  9. Hopefully a coincidence, but in my first 3 games since updating , I've seen 4 own goals...just me? Otherwise looks good, like the UI changes in the match engine
  10. I'd question the use of the Poacher up front on his own. A general "rule" is that a Poacher should be paired with another striker in a supporting role. Also I don't think Giroud plays that position very well anyway, and with so much attacking talent behind him, and the general lack of prolific strikers in this year's ME, I'd try him out as maybe a DLF-A/CF-S and look for those 3 attacking mids for goals, maybe stick Ozil on the SS-A duty. Possibly even a TM-S/A, although I've never tried the lone TM and many would argue against it. There's no movement between the lines in your midfield, you've got that huge gap between the full-backs and wingers, and then two CMs with defensive duties. If you look at how Arsenal play IRL, only Flamini holds, while Wilshere/Ramsey push on and link with the attackers. Look how many times they've been struggling to break teams down this season and then one of them has burst into the box to score.
  11. It's mentioned in wwfan's 12 steps, but you also might find a mentality of Counter to work well, and then alter your pressing based on what you see. It might seem counter-intuitive, but with an attacking/control mentality, you'll likely find your CMs and Full-backs passing between each other just outside the box, and all other players trying to stay onside on the edge of the area, especially once AI managers start parking the bus.
  12. Thanks for all of your responses, some good advice there. It certainly seems more defensively solid with the two DW-S roles and the marking set up, especially against teams with one striker, as this leaves the 3 centre backs to mark him out of the game. I set the outer DCs to Stopper duties to come and assist the winger as neither of them have particularly good tackling, but they do a good job of intercepting through balls. My strikers have been scoring more, however I found the BBM-S to be even more advanced than the CM-A/AP-A (playing around with both at the minute) so I changed him to a DLP-S which seems to work well when the REG-S gets caught in possession. He also deals with any AMCs in a 4-2-3-1 for example. I've taken off the wider and high tempo shouts, which has stopped all my highlights being crosses, and given me much more possession. I'm still getting a lot of 0-0s though and I'm not sure what the optimum mentality should be (currently Standard). I've been destroyed 3 or 4-0 playing on counter, which I think just invites too much pressure, I suppose it's a case of trial and error for now. Any suggestions on how to stop these highlightless matches? Pass into space perhaps? A control mentality?
  13. Thanks for your responses, it seems the DM "triangle" is indeed the way to go, only had Chelsea and Arsenal left to play, but the football was certainly more entertaining to watch. Regarding this, ideally this is what I would do, but the reason I went for this tactic was lack of quality full-backs/wing-backs in my squad (also due to the much maligned ME). I'm not sure if it's worth retraining my M R/L to WB R/L, as I'd rather this than sell them. Redmond in particular is a fan favourite, but 6 tackling and 7 marking, a wing-back does not make. Maybe the DW-D would be a suitable compromise, with specific focus on tackling?
  14. Thanks for the tip, that seems to make sense, I'll give it a go. What roles/duties have you found success with? After reading the MC combinations thread, I've been tempted by the AP -A next to a BWM - S and a DM -D behind. I'm wondering the same about the DWs, my wingers seem to provide most of my goals atm, though that may be more to do with what you said about overcrowding the middle.
  15. I'm more of a lurker on here, and this is my first thread (exciting). I've taken my beloved Birmingham City to the Europa League places of the Prem, but I still feel I can take this squad even further with some tweaks. The board expects a top half finish, I'm currently in 6th while the media predicts 12th. I play with 2 strikers, both of which seem to constantly be on goal droughts, particularly as the season comes to a close. I feel they're good enough, but they often end up with ratings of 5.3. First I'll show you the tactic itself. I've gone without the Defensive Wingers as none of my players are rated very highly there, and I find all it does is make them close down like mad and let them the opposition in down the flanks. Playing without fullbacks, I can only really mark one of their widemen, meaning they can easily keep the ball. As such, I've tried to set up in a way such that when I gain possession, I keep hold of it as long as possible, with the high tempo shout included with the intention of more penetrative play in the final third. Only, that's not how it's working and I'd be keen to know why. The front 3 get very little service, epitomised by this game against Liverpool, a 2-1 loss The match stats aren't too bad, 40% possession at Anfield is decent enough and it appears I had enough chances to win the game. However both my strikers finished on 5.3s. Delving into the analysis reveals why Neither of them attempted a single shot in the 90 minutes. A little more investigation reveals that the DLF received the ball in the box once, and the AF only twice It's left me wondering what could have been. I realise that away at Anfield, I might not expect my forwards to do much, but this is happening in many a game, I just found this to be a good example. My question is; How can I get my strikers into the game more?
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