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  1. My feedback after a full season and couple games of pre season the next year... 1. This ME overall is fantastic. Since the latest update I am really enjoying it and the game feels great. 2. Injuries are weird. In the first month or two of my first season, injuries were out of control. After that, they seemed pretty normal for the rest of the season. Now, early in my second season injuries are out of control again. Not sure if this is an anomaly that has been raised but it's very weird. 3. CB's are still way too slow to react to through balls played behind them. They continue to trot backwards until the ball is about level with them, then they start this weird side step until the defender is past them... At that point they finally turn around to start running like they should have from the start. I find that speedy strikers are able to blow past my very talented CB's a bit too easily in this game and I'm not playing with a real high line. 4. My last gripe is the bad angle shots my wingers continue to take right along the goal line when there are options in front. I expect it to happen occasionally, but it's far too frequent currently. They'll sprint along the goal line until they're on top of the keeper before trying a ridiculous shot. That's it. Overall very positive and enjoying more than the last couple of FM's. Great work SI!
  2. The new match engine is a huge improvement and I'm really enjoying the game again except for one thing... Injuries!!! I'm averaging one time loss injury per match and in my most recent match I lost three players to injury. This is killing the game for me currently.
  3. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but on through balls into the box, I'm finding my striker is consistently trying to go right THROUGH the keeper before he attempts a shot. He'll be one on one but won't attempt the shot until he tries to dribble past. And like I said, it's not really trying to round the keeper as much as it is trying to go through him. Seen it happen three times in four matches already. And I`m in agreement with many others in that injuries seem to be out of control in the new update. Edit: Just had it happen again, this time with Cazorla from the wing. Clear one on one and wouldn`t attempt the shot. Slowly plodding towards the keeper and eventually caught from behind when he was essentially right on top of the keeper.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks for this advice. After being incredibly frustrated with how stupid my team seemed to be when going forward, I tried to take this advice to heart. I went away from tactics that were tried and true with the old match engine and decided to add some creativity along with some shouts. My team is suddenly playing beautiful football and scoring goals again while remaining solid at the back. It seems that position swapping works extremely well in the new match engine and causes the AI defense huge head aches. Just one thing that's made a big difference.
  5. That's just it. Every team plays pretty much the same way offensively. Short, purposeless tiki-taka passing until someone attempts a long bomb or a cross. Everyone was complaining about the poor defending AI during beta but I think the offensive AI is a far bigger problem long term.
  6. Sigh... Ok, I'm officially frustrated. I've been hugely supportive of the promise in this match engine and that the kinks will get worked out quickly. I put 500+ hours into FM11, 800+ hours into FM12, but I've gotten to the point where FM13 is so frustrating that it's not fun. If it's not fun, why am I playing it? The thing that's really frustrating me is that I feel like I have to put hours of strategic research into beating the lowliest of low teams while using a club like Chelsea. The attacking AI is just as dumb as a bag of hammers and I'm having scoreless draws with feeder teams like Vitesse. Even when using very attacking formations and loading the team with incredible skilled players, the attackers have no imagination and continually make extremely poor decisions. Why do players continue endlessly with short pointless passes before ripping a shot right into a wall of players in the box? Why do strikers go on a run and then attempt a strike from 35 yards out when there are options available? Why is any kind of incisive passing so extremely rare in this game? Attackers seem to have no clue how to open up a defense. I continue to be hopeful of an improved match engine but I'm just not having any fun with this game right now. So frustrating as I want this game to be great!
  7. Another thing I'm noticing is that the AI team stats are pretty unrealistic at the moment. Looking around at La Liga and the Bundesliga, top clubs (Barca, Real, Bayern, Dortmund) are only averaging a little over 1.5 goals per match after half a season. Messi and Ronaldo not scoring nearly as much as they do in real life. Something else to be looked into.
  8. Agreed, absolutely no problems getting shots and goals from my CM's. And I also agree that an increase in defensive pressure would help a bit there. As a side note about a lot of the feedback... SI is in a no win situation here. They have a pretty set time table for release every year and they've tried to build a brand new match engine as the old one can't be improved any further. There will be some growing pains. Unfortunately, the one constant about people in general is that they love to bitch, complain, and over react. We're still in BETA... Be patient. There was a great deal of improvement in the ME with the newest update. They'll get it right.
  9. Been playing FM for several years now and want to give my overall feedback on the beta. 1. Loving FMC. As I have a family and busy work schedule I find this new mode to be fantastic and it cuts through a lot of features that aren't essential. Also the FMC UI is fantastic. 2. The match engine is definitely a step in the right direction. Was starting to find the ME of the last couple years to feel very dated and limited. Attacking fluency in the new ME seems far improved and could be amazing with some more tweaks. Goal scoring is nicely varied... I'm scoring from in the box, outside the box, and from crosses pretty equally. There are still issues to work out as others have posted... Defenders still lack tactical awareness in some situations, especially on through balls. Also I find the goal keepers to be very inconsistent. On some plays they show great responsiveness and other times they don't react at all to what should be easy saves. 3. Has anyone else noticed the huge discrepancy in results of home vs. away matches? As an example, my last three home matches with my Chelsea squad were 4-2, 5-1, 5-0 wins while my last three away matches were 4-1 and 4-2 losses followed by a 2-2 draw. I understand the realism of home vs. away differences, but the discrepancy seems too great at the moment. Overall, a big step in the right direction with FM13 but there are still substantial improvements needed from the match engine to make this the best FM yet.
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