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  1. Just updated the tactic, tweaked it a bit as the original didn't work the same for me after today's update. SRB I'VE DONE IT version 2 23rd Feb.fmf
  2. Really glad to see this tactic working out for you! I'm happy I've got some feedback on this forum after the snub over at FM-Base.
  3. I had no really top goalscorer, it was kind of shared between the front three. Adeyemi scored 16 goals in total, Martinelli scored 18, Musiala scored 22 and Saka scored 20. The assists were likewise mainly shared between the front three, but the WB's had a good amount of assists too. Moriba was my main mezzala and he excelled in the position, probably mainly due to his physical attributes (pace and strength both 16) but Emile Smith-Rowe was also very good in that position and his physical attributes aren't as good as Moriba's. I think it mostly comes down to physicality tho as all of my midfielders are good physically while possessing good technical attributes on top of that. If the two DC are good passers it shouldn't be a problem playing them as DC's instead of BPD, tho I haven't tried it myself.
  4. Just beat Real Madrid at home, 2-0 after changing the mentality from attacking to positive.
  5. I haven't found the necessity for speed in the regista position. I play Ruben Neves there and his average rating is 7.30 in the league, and 7.28 overall. His pace is 11 so I haven't found his lack of speed limiting. The box to box player's speed is more important, as Camavinga, Partey and Moriba are all pacy and they rotate in the BTB position as Neves's average rating is only 6.83 when played in that position. About the false nine, I tried having a pressing forward and a deep lying forward and neither worked out for me. Feel free to tweak tho! Thanks for trying it out!
  6. Finally I stopped being reliant on other people's tactic, and I've found a new level of enjoyment of FM by making my own tactics with success. This tactic is working wonders for me. I know there are a few odd losses here and there but in whole this tactic had been working fine. I let my assman do the OI's, as well as the training so I have no specific training sessions. Give it a try and give me some feedback on how things are going. SRB I'VE DONE IT vertical tiki taka Attacking 4-3-3 DM Wide.fmf
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