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  1. Would it be more safer and/or maybe even more threating for the opponent, if passing and tempo were left on standard (maybe passing even in shorter) but with an attacking mentality? All the rest remain the same. Also, using a 4-4-2 probably against teams that have +1 player in the middle of the park (i.e. 4-3-3 DM, or 4-2-3-1) would focusing playing down the flanks could give an extra edge?
  2. This was so ridiculous i had to post it. https://imgur.com/MKNQ7If
  3. Maybe, but it is not just their age. Its a different country/continent where they have no knowledge about!
  4. Here is the situation i m dealing with. I ve got 7 scouts (1 Head scout + 6). 5 of them have assignments: 1-Scout next opposition 2-5: Ongoing for players between 15-22 in England, UK & Ireland, Portugal, Germany The thing is i m keep getting these scouting reports that have nothing to do with the assignmets i ve given them. For example the scout who is responsible for roaming England trying to find players between 15-22, just finished scouting a 28 year old Georgian who plays for San Jose in MLS! Another one, who is doing the same thing in Uk/Ireland just compiled a report for a 27 year old Brazilian playing for RBL! Both of these were instigated by ''the backroom staff during a scouting meeting'' but as far as it concerns scouting i got full responsibilty , so who is ordering these scout reports? Or is it something that happens automatically during transfer season?
  5. I know this is a stupid question but i have some youth training schedules and i cant find where i should put them, i mean do they go the 1st team training schedules slots or somewhere else in dev.centre that i cant find?
  6. I m currently running two saves using an assymetric 4-4-2 which employs a ''very attacking'' mentality. Because it is very physically demanding i use it a 60-70% of any given match and i have to say that the results and the football are very good and quite consistent.
  7. It is definetly a viable option. But i think that when it comes to duties depends on what roles the players have and what is the general idea of a tactic. For example, i am playing with a 4-3-3 formation with good results: (1st in League One with AFC Wimbledon after 20 games 2019-20 season) Now, this is how i start the games, in order to be quite aggressive and trying to establish an early lead. These are two examples of how this tactic works in terms of goal scoring. Right side: Left side: Please note how far up my two wings backs are. The three mids in support duty, give the ataacking balance we need and basically we defend by applying pressure. We are vulnerable when we loose the ball, but we try to compensate that by regrouping when the ball is lost and applying constant pressure with the three men upfront and recycling possession with the three supporting mids.
  8. Yeap, i am wrapping up the season this week and there will be an update quite soon
  9. this is where i am with Valencia now, early August. I also thought to try and strecth the field diagonally. The first couple of friendlies were mediocre to say the least, so i am glad that thisseems to be working for you it also gives me courage to go on. I dont quite fancy the engache role, i m thinking of trying a more mobile role there
  10. Player Pressing intensity vs Team Pressing Intesity. Pressing intensity for a player in PIs means that if that player has it set to more urgent he will press the opposing player wherever he goes on the pitch leaving his position, whereas team pressing means the ''ferocity''/intensity of the general team pressing when the opposition enters the line of engangment? I mean, if the Team Pressing is maxed out but the FBs individual pressing is set to less urgent, they will not leave their positions but will press/mark hard in the area they are supposed to control? Please? Pretty please. With sugar on top.
  11. I figured that it could serve as another way to catch the opposition by suprise.
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