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  1. What are the players instructions regarding your midfielders, pressing- wise? Does the urgent pressing drags your mids from their positions in a way that it upsets your defensive balance?
  2. since i m kinda tired/bored to watch almost all the crosses from my WBs (i play a 3-5-2) being blocked by one way or another by the opposition defenders, i was wondering if i could use ''underalp'' to reduce the number of crosses by providing to my WBs the option of a short pass to the nearest MC (in a mezzala, btb,carrilero role probably?) Is this making any sense?
  3. The rate of crosses is abnormal. It does seem to matter what kind of play you wanna have (i.e. play through the middle, or choose only one side to attack), you still end up with scores of crosses from both sides. The rate these crosses are blocked is way too high. But really, i dont mind this that much. What i do mind, a lot, is the missing of the %^$%$$%# obvious play from a FB/WB, and instead of opting to ''go to the byline and cross''. There is really no difference if you have ticked the ''cross from deep'', he goes to the byline and cross to be blocked 80% of the time The FB/WB receives the ball deep, he can play the one-two inside or in front of him with the winger, no, he goes to the byline and cross to be blocked 80% of the time The FB/WB has all the space and time in the world to play a nice curved ball inside the area, oh no, he goes to the byline and cross to be blocked 80% of the time. After 44 games I am counting 33 crosses per game (having the best team in the league i m in) with a succesful rate of 21% This repetition of play is very annoying.
  4. Please SI, stop this asap. Please, i cant stand watching it anymore.
  5. '' Now, while in overlaps it's the fullback or wing-back who arrives from deep, I am not sure whether in underlaps it also must be FB/WB or it can also be a player in a central position (such as MC). '' That last bit about the MC. Choosing underlap, you just increase the chnace that the MC(s) will make this kind of move, coming from behind (like Scholes used to do it for example)?
  6. ok, this is definitely a stupid question, but how does underlap works? I cant get my head around it.
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