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  1. It's important that DoFs are immovable on some games. In fact it's pretty farcical altogether that a manager can sack a director of football on FM. It's also important that negotiations for transfers and contracts are no longer held by you (the manager), since this does not happen at all any more.
  2. More of this 'Head Coach' thing. Interviews for jobs specify that you have no input over transfers (that a DoF will be there and cannot be removed, unless by the owner) and that all deals in and out will go above your head. This can vary in extremes from club to club - some giving you absolutely no power with your duties just being that of a training and matchday coach, with others allowing you to meet with DoF and Chief Scout to discuss transfers etc (although they will obviously have more power in such a setup).
  3. Definitely need to get rid of this in future additions. Meaningless and pointless.
  4. I've only seen one penalty miss in four seasons so far. FK accuracy also seems slightly high.
  5. It's probably because of his huge wages at Man Utd. Other clubs can't match his demands (which will probably be at least 25% more than his current wage) and the minority that can don't want him.
  6. Ignore this. Stupid issue to do with having two Sports Interactive folders.
  7. I want to edit an existing dbc file in the editor but the editor does not see it in the folder. Help?
  8. Wages are definitely a problem with some players, I had noticed. Thanks for some good replies.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Bit of a common sense answer I guess, I didn't really think it through! I'll add more leagues next time because it's been an absolute pain.
  10. I did a bit of research and some past posts have indicated that it may be a problem with the database/leagues setup. Could someone explain that to me? I run a large DB with about 8 leagues.
  11. The bigger issue with international management is the obscene amount of injuries that crop up days before big tournaments.
  12. Best FM worthy laptop for £900? I know nothing about specs aside from RAM.
  13. The tactics system is just not at all representative of real life football tactics. There is no transition play coaching, no restart procedures, no specific formation changes/movements for on and off the ball. It's just very flat. Really needs adjusting because it's a huge let down (a few fancy new player roles doesn't change anything!).
  14. Generally more dynamic with regards to everything. More mental stuff happening to replicate the absurdity of the real life Premier League (and others). Tactics need a complete revolution - far too basic and simplistic. Transition play, pre-determined movement worked on in training, formations on and off the ball, plans for different phases. More interesting biography screens with more details/facts/anecdotes. Players don't respond logically in the match engine. They shouldn't have to be DIRECTLY INSTRUCTED to attack frantically when chasing the game in the 88th minute.
  15. Think about it a little bit. How would the old save possibly work when the entire database and in-game fundamentals have changed? Start a new one, Phil!
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